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If you are in need of an immediate answer to a question, we also have a solution for that. All of our customers are granted immediate access to our Slack channel, which is a quick way to get advice, and/or direction, on specific Datadog or ServiceNow related questions.
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A progressive modern CMDB is core to the ServiceNow platform’s success.  Mapping your CMDB correctly in today’s modern technology stack is essential to a successful ITOM rollout, and our team specializes in these modern implementations of Discovery.  Mapping artifacts, containers, service endpoints, pods, K8s, and many more technologies, is essential in getting Discovery to run seamlessly in an elastic and dynamic environment.  Our event-based Discovery approach is the only way to successfully deploy a modern CMDB, and this is the way we approach all ITOM implementations.
If you aren’t currently a customer, but still want swift access to our team of experienced engineers, this is the best way to get it.  With 24x7 access to the team via Slack, multiple service levels are offered.
Datadog Questions
• Can you help me with this monitor?
• We need some assistance debugging a custom integration
• Can you take a look at my YAML for me?
• Why aren’t my Datadog agent checks working?
• My APM traces are not getting tagged correctly, can you help?
ServiceNow Questions
• I’m having trouble adding a new approval to a Change workflow
• Can you help me debug an error in my Script Include?
• My ATF is throwing an error, can you help me debug it?
• One of our Jira projects won't sync, I’m not sure why?
• Discovery is not picking up one of my new subnets, can you assist?
• My microservices endpoints are not appearing in my CMDB, any idea why?

Response Times

Severity 1
1 hour
Slack or Email
Severity 2
4 hour
Slack or Email
Severity 3
8 hour
Slack or Email

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