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Pipeline Insights

A common gap in the DevOps ecosystem is the glue that ties all tools together. Our integrations help you quickly identify issues within your pipeline, starting at your SCM all the way through to your deploys.

Intelligent Approvals

By merging data from all your tools into a single platform, and tying them back to your core BI, you are able to make much smarter decisions on whether to approve integration brands or not. You can look into commiter scores, developer tenure, certain groups, or simply the sensitivity of the repository based on past commit history.

Ecosystem Traceability

Our dynamic integrations into all your systems will allow you to overcome multiple barriers. Audits and compliance are a major added benefit, since we are logging audit trails for any changes thats happening in your CI/CD pipeline. This all happens in the background, without slowing down your developers or pipelines, but is readily available at any point of time.

Test Harness Visibility

Multiple testing platforms are a very common outcome of the development landscape, and ensuring that they are all tracking simlutaniously is a major effort. Our test harness integrations will allow you to see all your test results across all platforms instantly and effectively. This can help an organization identify the major testing opportunities, and quickly identify bottlenecks in the pipeline caused by slow or failing tests.

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