ChatOps Message Bus

Realtime CI/CD Stats

Aggregate the results of your builds right to your Chat tool. This saves your developers from having to jump around multiple tools in order to ensure their build was successful and has completed correctly. By aggregating all this into ServiceNow, and making it the message bus, we can present all the information in a single channel back to the developer.

Incident/Change Response

By bringing the workflow actions right to your chat tool, we enable your users to take action faster and without having to log into ServiceNow at all. We have built integrations for multiple ServiceNow modules, including Incident and Change.

Transparent Experience

Developers do not want to interact with ServiceNow. We know this, and we have fixed it. Our ChatOps tools allow you to leverage all the benefits of ServiceNow, present them to your developers, and not force them to logon or interface with the UI.

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