Solaris Agent for Datadog

Efficient and detailed server monitoring is the fastest way to maximize performance output while proactively preparing for risk or downtimes. Operating system-based issues often cause interferences in core capabilities of applications and impact service performance.

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To accelerate deployments while ensuring you have both a secure and stable infrastructure, RapDev’s Solaris Agent Integration provides you the actionable insights required to run Solaris Servers confidently. 

Solaris Agent for Datadog users helps you gain maximum transparency into your server infrastructures and critical processes. Monitor network interfaces & traffic, host availability, CPU utilization and be alerted during downtimes to ensure your business-critical functions are never compromised.

Built for enterprise level needs

The Solaris Agent integration is developed to monitor and manage organization-wide usage and performance of your Solaris servers. Application and resource managers can monitor health and performance statistics for all servers in real-time to minimize downtimes arising from server-level issues.

Custom dashboards and reporting

Develop data-driven load distribution maps with real-time visibility of server utilization and the number of packets sent and received within a network interface. Apart from proactive monitoring, the Solaris Agent integration also alerts you when critical thresholds for load processing are crossed.

What is tracked by the Solaris Monitoring Integration?

File system and process monitoring

Network interfaces and route modeling

CPU utilization information

Hardware information (memory, number of CPUs, and model numbers)

OS information (OS-level, command-style information)

Pkginfo information (such as installed software)

Sun Solaris LDOM servers discovery and monitoring.

Solaris zones discovery and monitoring


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