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Incredible Value in a Short Period of Time

RapDev Enables Application and Network Monitoring for Global CPG Company

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RapDev's Engineering Savvy, use of automation tools, and tagging strategy accelerated the deployment of Datadog across 1,300 servers.

For modern consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, applications are the lifeblood of the business. From ERPs to customer-facing, e-commerce applications, any downtime cripples customer ordering capabilities.

When orders drop, so does revenue, which means application uptime directly affects the bottom line. A global CPG company experienced rapid growth through the coronavirus pandemic, but found their revenue plateaued as the pandemic neared its end. After investigating their business processes they identified areas of friction and found that staggering levels of downtime on their internal and customer-facing applications resulted in missed orders and lost revenue.

CPGGlobal Firm
65+Countries of Operation
$2 billionAnnual Revenue
The Challenge

Building Mission-Critical Visibility

With Sev 1 issues happening on a monthly, if not weekly basis, the company knew it needed better visibility over its services and infrastructure. After careful consideration, the director of network engineering recommended deploying Datadog to improve their observability posture.

The organization lacked the know-how and resources to quickly roll out Datadog across their 1,300+ servers. They needed a partner with the expertise to deploy Datadog and set them up for success, freeing the company to tackle other business priorities.

The Solution

Enterprise scale Datadog deployment by Datadog

At RapDev, automation is a key element of RapDev’s deployment strategy. Engineers build custom dashboards that enable clients to automatically monitor the health of their servers and applications. These dashboards include filters that offer both high-level overviews as well as granular insights. RapDev began working with the CPG company to suggest and build dashboards that would be the most useful to the organization. 

RapDev also helps clients build a sound tagging strategy and then automates the process. For the client, this included using RapDev’s cloud templates to complete the infrastructure mapping process. In addition eliminating the need for manual tag creation, RapDev’s process ensures that clients are able to continue applying their tagging strategy after the deployment is complete. 

RapDev's team excels at deploying Datadog’s monitoring products. Their implementation teams dive into the customer’s business to truly understand their technical needs and also their overarching business goals. This allows RapDev to deliver a truly tailored approach in recommending Datadog products and services to their customers.

In this case, RapDev recommended that the CPG client utilize a combination of Datadog’s monitoring solutions: infrastructure, application performance, network device, network performance, and synthetic API and browser. Leveraging these Datadog tools would ensure that the CPG client could achieve the visibility they needed into their services and infrastructure. 

The Results

Increased Speed and Accuracy, Time Saved

Partnering with RapDev enabled the Customer to:

Overall, RapDev saved the CPG company a considerable amount of time and frustration through their automated approach to Datadog deployments. While working with the RapDev team, the customer was able to identify additional uses for the platform, with potential ROI above and beyond what they initially considered for the project. Most importantly, RapDev’s knowledge transfer throughout the project and dedicated sessions at the end of the engagement enabled the customer to confidently take the reins for wider application, system, and network visibility.

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