Source Code Management

Developer Insights

By aggregating all your GIT metadata into ServiceNow, you are able to build intelligent insights on your development organization. Our scoring alorithm comes up with a developer score by looking at your developers commit volume, size of change, married with business information that is already in the ServiceNow platform.

Code Quality

Code Quality is a leading indicator of an organizations ability to build momentum by slowing increasing velocity. Without tracking this metric and making a concious effort to reduce it, building momentum can be a daunting task. Revert Rate is what we have determined to be the leading indicator of Code Quality at any organization looking to build velocity.

Commit Velocity

Speed, Velocity, Momentum. The amount of commits are a foundational block of the teams ability to move more rapidly. By reducing the size of the commits, and increasing the volume, you start to integrate code more safely. This indicator helps you view your code changes across each repository in your GIT environment.

Repository Statistics

By looking at your projects across different repositories, you are able to more quickly determine which teams are adopting the DevOps methodology the quickest. This helps you identify opporunities quickly and focus on areas of improvement at ease.

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