ServiceNow DevOps Plug-Ins

The ServiceNow DevOps module has allowed ServiceNow customers to save hundreds of hours by automating their DevOps change process. The DevOps module has OOTB support for several DevOps tools to enable customers to get started quickly.  Since the DevOps ecosystem is vast, and full of open source contributors, our team has built support for several tools that the ServiceNow DevOps module does not support natively.
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All of our plugins are available on the ServiceNow store, and made free to all of our customers, who work with us to deploy the ServiceNow DevOps product. Our current list of supported tools includes:

• Azure DevOps Repos
• Azure DevOps Boards
• Azure DevOps Builds
• Spinnaker
• Sonarqube
• Puppet
• jUnit
• Artifactory
• TeamCity
• UrbanCode uDeploy
• Gitlab

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