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ServiceNow’s ITOM product line is one of the leading platforms in today’s modern DevOps ecosystem, and deploying it progressively can help to extract even more value.  Our team has deployed the full ITOM Product Suite for more than 30 companies, and continues to help customers globally.
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A progressive modern CMDB is core to the ServiceNow platform’s success.  Mapping your CMDB correctly in today’s modern technology stack is essential to a successful ITOM rollout, and our team specializes in these modern implementations of Discovery.  Mapping artifacts, containers, service endpoints, pods, K8s, and many more technologies, is essential in getting Discovery to run seamlessly in an elastic and dynamic environment.  Our event-based Discovery approach is the only way to successfully deploy a modern CMDB, and this is the way we approach all ITOM implementations.


ServiceNow Modern ITOM Workshop

Includes a 2 day on site workshop, which covers:
Architectural design and overview of ITOM products
CMDB Mapping of DevOps components
Architecture design of automated self-healing processes
- Ansible
- Chef
- Puppet
- Rundeck
Sample integrations from Infrastructure-as-Code repo’s to ServiceNow CMDB
Free access to all RapDev DevOps integrations on the ServiceNow store
6 months of free RapDev Bot ChatOps (Slack/MS Teams)
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Client Testimonial

The RapDev team is a major part of our success on the ServiceNow platform. Their knowledge and experience has helped us align our goals and deliver solutions that are important to us

Director at a major US bank

RapDev has become one of our most trusted advisors in relations to all things DevOps. Their attention to detail and ability to stay on target has insured the success of all our ServiceNow DevOps tool integrations. As a trusted partner they worked with my teams to help define our overall DevOps tooling integration strategy.

Director at major Canadian bank

They are easy to work with, this is the first time using Service Now in our company so they had to hand hold us along the journey. We have had to change course a few times along the way and there has been no mention of scope creep, additional pricing etc, they just get on with things and the relationship stays healthy.

Director at a tech company

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