Accelerated Datadog Implementations

RapDev is a trusted Datadog partner with a team of experienced DevOps professionals. We’ll help you quickly roll out business-critical monitoring for your organization using our Accelerated Enterprise Implementation process.

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In today’s rapidly changing DevOps landscape, having incomplete visibility into your tech stack isn’t an option. With their seamless integrations across entire DevOps stacks, and ability to consolidate monitoring for on-premise, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure based infrastructures, Datadog has become the proven leader in monitoring both on-premise and cloud based infrastructures. With our help, you can not only accelerate your implementation of Datadog, but ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform as well.

Our experience implementing Datadog coupled with our proprietary Scoobie tool will allow you to dramatically accelerate deployment of the platform. Using our data-driven approach, you can quickly roll out Datadog across your entire environment, so that you can collect infrastructure and log metrics and take advantage of over 400 OOTB integrations. 

Here’s how the accelerated implementation process works.

1. Collect Data

First, we’ll gather a complete overview of your existing infrastructure. For this, we’ll use a multitude of data aggregation methods like cloud integrations to register inventory, agents deployed to non-cloud environments, and Scoobie-enabled metadata-harvesting scripts. With two weeks of data collected, we’ll have all the information we need to move on to the planning stage.

2. Analyze & Prioritize

Next, we’ll use our Scoobie tool to analyze the data and prioritize your Datadog rollout to maximize the results you can expect in the least amount of time. We’ll determine which integrations to deploy and choose the right log files to monitor based on their potential ROI. We can also identify any gaps in an existing Datadog rollout using tags and deployment automation.

3. Develop Deployment Scripts

Our engineers will then write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scripts for deploying Datadog across your top five integrations and log files. These IaC scripts—written for Ansible, AWS Systems Manager, Puppet, or another configuration management tool—will automatically detect and deploy Datadog for a variety of application servers, databases, and other infrastructure.

4. Build Dashboards & Monitors

Once Datadog is deployed, we can build custom monitors and dashboards for your top five Scoobie integrations and log files. We can configure these monitors with the variables and attributes that best represent the health of your infrastructure. That way, your team can prioritize metrics that are most critical to your business.

5. Report Progress

Finally, we’ll track and report on the implementation process in real-time. With our Datadog Reporter integration, you’ll receive weekly update PDFs to your email inbox. In addition, we can have weekly calls to review our deployment progress with your agents, integrations, logs, and infrastructure.

Why Partner With RapDev?

RapDev will help you quickly and efficiently achieve advanced monitoring capabilities for your IT infrastructure. Here’s why many enterprises have already chosen us:

We have a knowledgeable team of U.S.-based site reliability and DevOps engineers

The Datadog deployments we’ve led now support over 20 million daily users

Our team has already worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies

We’re a partner with leading DevOps brands like ServiceNow, Jenkins, HashCorp, Elastic, and Ansible

We’ve built many Datadog integrations ourselves, such as Datadog SNMP Autodiscovery, Office365, Datadog Reporter, and more

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