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Several customers or RapDev have identified this as a much more cost-effective solution to tackling low-hanging-fruit, instead of outsourcing those tasks to low-cost teams offshore. Our team specializes in helping you get the most value of your ServiceNow ITOM and IntegrationHub investment, without requiring any significant time investments from your team.

ServiceNow as a single gateway - API and UI

Modern technology stacks require the ability to integrate using API’s and automation, and ServiceNow is aligned with these requirements.  ServiceNow’s optimization modules are designed to be a single gateway for your engineers and developers alike, by offering them a User-Interface or RapDev’s API/CLI interface that they can integrate with.  ServiceNow’s ability to add policies around users and groups, spanning security and cost, makes it the perfect platform to help maintain a cloud center of excellence’s auditability and compliance.

Ensuring that ServiceNow is able to interact with a multi-cloud architecture and multiple Infrastructure-as-Code tools is what RapDev specializes in.  The engineering team at RapDev has several years of experience helping customers adopt multi-cloud environments and building scalable and secure clouds and IAM policies.  In bringing this skillset to ServiceNow, RapDev has become a leader in the crossroads of ServiceNow and the cloud-native DevOps world.

What makes RapDev a more qualified partner for ITOM Optimization?

RapDev’s deployments of the ITOM Optimization module have focused heavily on how ServiceNow can interface with the modern DevOps open-source toolsets.  The teams knowledge of how Terraform, Ansible, Rundeck, and other automation stacks work is essential to building these integrations into ServiceNow request, billing, and scaling capabilities.

RapDev’s team has had experience deploying ITOM Optimization to the following scenarios

Front-End a multi-cloud application stack request through
• ServiceNow to Terraform
• Select the cloud platformSelect the technology stack (Node/PHP/Python, etc)
• Select the volume of traffic
ServiceNow automatically provisions the application stack using Terraform

CLI-command to ServiceNow to obtain group budget on multi-cloud spend

CLI-command to ServiceNow to Provision and Deprovision application stacks in multi-cloud environments

Github-webhook’s into ServiceNow to trigger provisioning pipelines to Terraform or Ansible via IaC templates in Github

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