Predictive AIOps

Leverage the power of AIOps to identify, predict and resolve issues faster than ever before.

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As more and more organizations are moving towards digital and cloud-based spaces it can be difficult to account for the number of errors that may come up. This is why ServiceNow has released a solution that helps identify, predict, and resolve issues before they even have a chance to occur called Health Log Analytics.

How does Predictive AIOps work?

Combines big data and machine learning to understand and pinpoint problems in log data almost instantly.

Automatically processes and structures log data for managers and operators 

Shorter repair times, simplifying multiple workspaces, better visualization

Why Predictive AIOps?

HLA presents several opportunities to its users and potential customers. The ability to troubleshoot problems automatically with minimal downtime is exactly what ServiceNow customers want and RapDev has the in-depth experience to help them implement HLA into their systems. The RapDev team is dedicated to leveraging HLA so organizations can predict and prevent outages, shorten repair times, consolidate data, and preserve existing investments.

HLA for IDS with SecOps

Protect your environments from log4j vulnerabilities with HLA powered by Predictive AIOps

Identifies requests attempting to exploit apps storing or accessing sensitive properties in the back end

Detects intrusion attempts through logs streaming from your enviroment as anomalies

Automatically creates alerts in ServiceNow for apps exposed as HTTP endpoints

Use Case
Predictive AIOps detected intrusion attempts into apps like Yelb and Erebus that were exposed as endpoints online. Logs streaming from Kubernetes via Elasticsearch and HLA workshop via Filebeats were both hit over 20 times 2 days after the log4j Zero Day RCE CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability was discovered. HLA detected this as an Anomaly and created alerts in ServiceNow.

Why partner with RapDev?

RapDev understands that being able to predict and manage errors before they occur is an important part of an organization’s operations and user experience. The team commits itself to providing the most comprehensive and personalized support possible to our customers. Composed of experienced DevOps Engineers and SREs the RapDev team can collaborate with all application teams providing best practices during configuration and deployment. Combining these skills with our ServiceNow expertise makes RapDev the ideal team for implementing HLA.

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