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Get the Most Out of Your Spacelift Investment

Make sure deployments are completed successfully and have proper governance.
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Logan Rohloff
November 9, 2023

Accelerate time-to-value with the RapDev Spacelift Integration

Spacelift is a CI/CD platform that automates infrastructure as code workflows, providing state management, preview environments, and compliance checks. Of course, monitoring of the resources and applications deployed through a platform like Spacelift is of utmost importance to keep a business up and running. However, monitoring the actual CI/CD platform itself can also be a crucial part of an organization's monitoring architecture to make sure deployments are completed successfully and have proper governance. The RapDev Spacelift integration for Datadog helps do just that!

Speed up deployments by monitoring your Stack Runs

This integration submits metrics related to Spacelift stack locking and blocking, time since a stack's last state change, and the outcomes of the individual runs of a SpaceLift stack, so users get notified when a deployment is not going as planned. With these monitors in place, you can detect when failures happen in real-time and proactively prevent downtime. The integration also monitors the outcomes of policy checks for Stack Runs and visualization on the governance policies implemented for infrastructure-as-code deployments so you can quickly determine if Stack Runs fail your enforced policy checks.

Analyze Workerpool runs in real-time

This integration also allows users to monitor Workerpool performance by submitting metrics related to number of busy workers, runs pending, and runs queued for individual Workerpools. With this view, the overall utilization of Workerpools can be evaluated for determining scaling requirements for the Spacelift environment.

Save on Spacelift licensing costs

On top of this, administrators can use the RapDev Spacelift integration to track usage metrics related to their Spacelift environment. These metrics include data around the current billing period’s total allowed, current usage, and price of seats and run minutes, as well as the upcoming invoice amount. The change widget on the dashboard allows administrators to track their month-over-month spend to help determine Spacelift invoice growth over time. With this view, users can avoid surprising licensing costs and get the best value from the Spacelift platform.

The RapDev Spacelift integration comes with an out-of-the-box pre-configured dashboard and monitor for quick integration into an organization’s monitoring architecture. Bringing the ability to visualize the status of infrastructure-as-code deployments and their policy governance into Datadog helps close the gap when it comes to CI/CD observability. Interested in trialing the integration? Check it out in the Datadog Marketplace, or watch a Demo Video on our Youtube channel.

This isn't the integration you're looking for? Missing a critical feature for your organization?

Drop RapDev a note at support@rapdev.io, and we'll build it!

Written by
Logan Rohloff
Boston, MA
Michigan-born but Boston-residing engineer with experience ranging from application management to infrastructure administration and automation, dodgeball national champion
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