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DevOps consulting team focused on progressive ServiceNow and Datadog Implementations

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We help companies improve their time to value with Datadog and ServiceNow implementations, and offer them access to a team of experienced DevOps engineers and SRE’s

Datadog Implementations

We help engineers adopt Datadog quickly and effectively. This ranges from 2 day workshops, to full implementations.

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ServiceNow Wizards

Our progressive, and modern approach, to the ServiceNow platform enables our customers get more out of their solutions

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Platform Applications

Engineers at RapDev are continually publishing integrations, and applications, for our customers to use through our Partner platforms, Datadog and ServiceNow

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Experience Matters

We know DevOps. Founded in 2017, we have provided DevOps consultancy to some of the largest companies in North America.  Our teams of SRE’s, Datadog engineers, and ServiceNow Wizards, work with clients across a range of subject matter specialties. We design and execute, agile and scalable engineering solutions, that will expedite your time to value, and help you get the most from your ServiceNow and Datadog investments

Client Testimonial

The RapDev team is a major part of our success on the ServiceNow platform. Their knowledge and experience has helped us align our goals and deliver solutions that are important to us

Director at a major US bank

RapDev has become one of our most trusted advisors in relations to all things DevOps. Their attention to detail and ability to stay on target has insured the success of all our ServiceNow DevOps tool integrations. As a trusted partner they worked with my teams to help define our overall DevOps tooling integration strategy.

Director at a major Canadian bank

They 'talk the talk and walk the walk'.  The RapDev team have had to on many occasions, through onsite workshops, convince some strong minded individuals on the benefits of the product, up to the company board level

Service Management Director at TomTom

We loved partnering with RapDev to deliver critical capabilities for our client. They are credible, collaborative and incredibly knowledgeable in DataDog and were able to hit the ground running and immediately add value for our client! We look forward to many additional partnership opportunities going forward!

Kate Parsons,
Notch Above Consulting
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A Guide to Automating Change Management
Learn how a financial customer reduced DevOps compliance audit times from 18 days to under 2 hours.
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Case Study
Learn About ServiceNow's Role in a DevOps Ecosystem
Learn how RapDev helped fully automate the change process for a DevOps organization of over 2000 developers.
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Case Study
Building Velocity: Velocity Through Automating Change
Read how a customer improved their release times by 18% and saved over 25 hours a week on filling change forms
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Our Partners is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, focusing on DevOps and ITOM implementations is proud to be a Certified Implementation Partner for Datadog

Our Solutions

ChatOps for ServiceNow

Eliminate the delay of having to wait for any approvals! Our Slack and MS Teams Bot will allow your users to update change records directly from Microsoft Teams or Slack. This means that the Approver will no longer have to reply to an email, login to ServiceNow, or take any other manual steps.  It also means that the requester will get their workflows approved instantly!

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Slack and Microsoft Teams Integration
Support for change, request, and incident
No configuration necessary

Azure DevOps for ServiceNow

ServiceNow's DevOps module allows endless possibilities and flexibility. Enabling automated change management allows your developers to focus on building code, and not worry about filling out forms.

RapDev has developed an OOTB Azure DevOps integration, to bring in metrics and data from your ADO environment into ServiceNow.

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Seamless Integrations with Repos, Board, and Builds
Zero-configuration required to begin sending data
Free for all RapDev services customers!

Datadog SNMP AutoDiscovery

Looking to auto-discover your SNMP devices in Datadog? We've built a solution that can automatically discovery and map hundreds of hardware devices to start monitoring, alerting, and dashboarding on their metrics using Datadog! You no longer have to worry about any setup or configuration. With our 14-day trial, you can start discovering your hardware devices immediately.

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Seamless Integrations with Dell, HP, Cisco, and more
Zero-configuration required to begin sending data
14-Day Free Trial!

Datadog Reporter

Optimize your time spent on gathering and distributing reports using our free Datadog Reporter tool. Schedule and email reports for any Datadog dashboard in your account.

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Schedule hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reporting intervals
Integrate your Datadog account to preview all existing dashboards
Unlimited number of recipients per scheduled report

ServiceNow DevOps Plug-Ins

The ServiceNow DevOps module has allowed ServiceNow customers to save hundreds of hours by automating their DevOps change process. The DevOps module has OOTB support for several DevOps tools to enable customers to get started quickly.  Since the DevOps ecosystem is vast, and full of open source contributors, our team has built support for several tools that the ServiceNow DevOps module does not support natively.

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Seamless Integrations with Dell, HP, Cisco, and more
Zero-configuration required to begin sending data
14-Day Free Trial!

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