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Designed to elevate your Datadog deployment with actionable information and insights.

Introducing Datadog Platform Co-Pilot, by RapDev

Designed to elevate your Datadog deployment with actionable information and insights.
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Rob De Oliveira
December 6, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, maintaining the hygiene of your observability solution can be a very real challenge. At RapDev, we've honed our expertise in maximizing Datadog's capabilities and are excited to be launching them through our new Datadog Platform Co-Pilot offering, designed to elevate your Datadog deployment with actionable information and insights.

Why Co-Pilot?

At RapDev we have years of experience working with thousands of clients in all different industries to both implement and improve their Datadog accounts to optimal working conditions. From this experience we have found consistent areas of the Datadog platform that customers look to us for our guidance. Datadog Platform Co-Pilot works by automating the checks that we’ve run across our customers' engagements and providing our customers with a new and flexible option for tapping into our knowledge and expertise.

What are some of the challenges?

Platform hygiene

As with any platform, Datadog implementations can fall victim to the constant churn of ownership, configuration changes, and dynamic usage patterns. What was standard a year ago is now a deprecated convention, best practices change, and the new asks from the business drive changes to how the platform is deployed and utilized. The end result? A platform that has legacy configurations that may or may not be used, monitors/dashboards/notebooks that were once critical that may no longer be needed, and conflicting tagging strategies, as just a few examples. Not only can this be a challenge to configure properly, but it can feel like an ever-moving target to properly maintain, all while you are likely being pulled in many other directions.

Cost Adherence

Along with configuration creep, another challenge lies in understanding the cost of the platform and where those costs are coming from. How do you know that you are getting the most out of every dollar spent? How can you ensure that what was budgeted to be spent on Datadog is being spent and overages aren’t being incurred due to misconfiguration? The capabilities we provide to be proactive when unexpected costs arise with actionable insights and context we have found to be extremely powerful for our customers.

How does Platform Co-Pilot solve them?


Let’s walk you through how this all works and what you can expect to see as a prospective user.

Through the Datadog Marketplace you can choose to immediately enable our automation checks and reporting against your Datadog instance (for free!) by providing your API and App key through our secure portal as shown below:

This will immediately begin our comprehensive suite of checks and will provide you with a summary report of findings:

The report includes automated checks of:

  • Broken cloud integrations
  • Cloud hosts with no agents
  • Deprecated agent versions, including whether they are log4j vulnerable
  • Monitors with no notifications, untagged, in a long mute state, etc.
  • Dashboards that may no longer be in use
  • Logs missing key tags, unparsed logs, logs with incorrect statuses, and the number of logs per index which could indicate misconfigurations
  • SLOs with missing tags or no data
  • Synthetics audit for test runs per month and the costs of these tests
  • Custom metric usage auditing and insight into potentially unused metrics
  • Public dashboard audit for any security considerations
  • API key audit to flag any keys associated with inactive users in your account
  • APP keys without proper scopes

Example report screenshots:



Custom Metrics

If you’d like help on how to act on this information, have questions about what you are seeing, or feedback on what you’d like to see added to the report, then please reach out to us any time through the various support options we provide on the Marketplace tile.

Monthly Platform Review

In all tiers of our offering we will work with you to schedule a monthly platform review where we will provide you with a comprehensive account overview as well as insight and recommendations provided by the RapDev team.


In our paid offerings of Co-Pilot we also provide the following SLOs that we maintain with you on a recurring basis to ensure that we’re consistently maintaining the health of your environment.

Ready Yet?

RapDev's Datadog Platform Co-Pilot offering goes beyond conventional monitoring services. It's about optimizing and fine-tuning your Datadog deployment to deliver exceptional performance, reduce risks, and accelerate value delivery. Embrace the power of Datadog with RapDev's expertise, and let us navigate your Datadog journey together.

Get in touch with us to explore how RapDev's Datadog Platform Co-Pilot offering can transform your Datadog deployment into a strategic advantage!

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Rob De Oliveira
A Boston native living in sunny Florida, cycling the trails and swimming the oceans. With years of experiencing managing DevOps teams and managing infrastructure with a goal to always be improving those around him.
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