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Monitor Azure Virtual Desktop with RapDev’s AVD Integration

Visualize your Azure Virtual Desktop performance alongside your Azure infrastructure in Datadog
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Dan Roy
July 10, 2024

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a service hosted in Azure that provides desktop and application virtualization. It supports single and multi-session full desktops and can run individual remote applications.

What does the RapDev Azure Virtual Desktop Datadog Agent integration do?

The AVD Datadog Agent integration pulls session host health checks and high-level information about session counts and connection performance by querying an Azure Log Analytics workspace configured to accept AVD host pool logging.

1. Session Performance Details

Session connection round-trip time (RTT) and bandwidth are critical components of the client-side Azure Virtual Desktop experience. The integration queries for all connections are grouped by host pool and submitted as histogram metrics. This allows for easy alerting on the summarized data when users report poor performance.

2. Session Information Details

Session counts for each host are recorded by Azure Virtual Desktop as active or inactive (disconnected). Monitors can be configured to look for anomalous behavior in sudden drops in active sessions or jumps in disconnected sessions per host pool. If host pools are configured for pooled connectivity, monitors can also be configured for alerting on high utilization percentages.

3. Session Host Health Information

Outside of session connection information, the health of each of the session hosts is recorded as Datadog checks. The integration tracks if a session host allows new sessions by confirming it’s not reporting being in drain mode and then showing the status of its service health checks. Pooled connection host pools can utilize monitors to alert when a given percentage or count of hosts within the pool reports that they’re in drain mode outside of maintenance windows. Alerts can also be configured to trigger if any of the critical services are reporting down so as to identify issues before user reports roll in quickly.

The integration is meant to complement the existing Datadog Azure cloud integration, enabling customers to use Datadog's unified observability platform to correlate Azure Virtual Desktop data with other Azure services and infrastructure. Each query pulls associated subscription, resource group, host pool, and session hosts so your metrics are tagged with the same metadata necessary to correlate your Azure Virtual Desktop environment with the rest of your Azure platform monitoring. With this holistic view, teams can proactively identify and resolve issues, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Interested in trialing the integration? Check it out in the Datadog Marketplace!

This isn't the integration you're looking for? Missing a critical feature for your organization? Drop RapDev a note at support@rapdev.io and we'll build it!

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Dan Roy
Groton, MA
Father of two wild mini-humans and certified donut aficionado. When not chasing the kids or on the hunt for a fresh maple bacon donut, he spends his professional time helping customers achieve their observability goals and minimizing ClickOps in monitoring and cloud deployments.
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