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RapDev at Knowledge 2024: Insights and Highlights

Discover how RapDev made waves at ServiceNow's Knowledge 2024 with 2 expo booths, 3 packed speaking sessions, and an epic happy hour.
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Eli Kapetanopoulos
May 29, 2024

I love Vegas: the neon, the tables, and the ServiceNow Knowledge conference! Whether this was your first Knowledge or you’ve been gaining knowledge since the early days back in New Orleans, the week never disappoints. K24 was a pivotal conference for RapDev this year, bringing a quarter of the company, running 2 expo floor booths, and hosting 3 packed rooms of insightful speaking sessions throughout the week. And, of course, we can’t forget our kickass happy hour at Sugarcane.


Knowledge for RapDev is all about three things:

  1. Staying Ahead of the Curve: We devour every detail about new ServiceNow releases to ensure we're delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.
  2. Building Our Network: Knowledge is a fantastic place to connect with fellow engineers, swap stories, and forge valuable partnerships.
  3. Solving Your Problems: We love hearing about the challenges you face and showcasing how RapDev's automation, ChatOps, and GenAI expertise can transform your ServiceNow experience.

We see customers using the platform in innovative ways across industries. Our goal is to tailor RapDev solutions to perfectly fit your needs, no matter your vertical.

The RapDev team showcased our ModernOps and CSDM as Code solutions during theater sessions on the expo floor and Wednesday afternoon’s Beers with Engineers meetup.  

RapDev Showcases ModernOps Expertise

Our team presented on two hot topics: ModernOps with embedded AIOps, service reliability, and generative AI (theater session) and CSDM as Code (expo floor session and Beers with Engineers meetup).

RapDev's ModernOps Solution:

  • Leverages cutting-edge tech like predictive AIOps, service reliability, and generative AI to boost business agility and customer satisfaction
  • Provides AI-powered service operations for cloud-native workloads, giving you real-time visibility into your services and IT landscape
  • Proactively identifies and resolves issues before they disrupt service availability

The Value You Get with RapDev:

  • Real-time Visibility: See everything – your business services and the underlying IT landscape – with crystal clarity
  • Enhanced Agility & Customer Experiences: Respond faster and keep your customers happy
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Fix problems before they become outages
  • Intelligent Remediation with ACC: Leverage advanced automation for faster issue resolution
  • Streamlined Critical Issue Handling with ChatOps: Collaborate efficiently to tackle critical issues
  • Accurate Service Mapping: Ensure maximum uptime with precise service dependency mapping
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices with clear dashboards and regular reports

The Benefits You Reap:

  • Optimized Resource Utilization: Get the most out of your resources
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs: Spend less on infrastructure
  • Effective Risk Mitigation: Proactively address potential problems

Beers with Engineers: Code, Conversation, and CSDM as Code

Beers with Engineers is a monthly virtual happy hour hosted by Will Hallam and Mike Gallagher, where ServiceNow engineers from customers and partners gather to discuss the latest ServiceNow tech. At Knowledge 2024, we co-hosted this popular event and led a hands-on CSDM as Code lab.

What is CSDM as Code?

It allows application teams to dynamically register microservices and application services in the CMDB using YAML files stored within their source code repositories. Simply populate a YAML file, and the relevant entities and relationships are automatically maintained according to CSDM 4.0 standards. This eliminates the need for application teams to become ServiceNow experts and frees them from the burden of complex CSDM terminology. Operations teams gain improved visibility into application architectures and benefit from automatically generated Tag-Based Service Maps.

Don't miss out on the valuable content we shared! Check out our YouTube channel for any demos you might have missed. We'll see you all next year at Knowledge 2025!

Written by
Eli Kapetanopoulos
ServiceNow Engineering Manager who enjoys going around Boston trying all the great food and drinks the city has to offer. When he’s not in the office, he is either at the airport flying or watching planes given his love for aviation.
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