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Discover dynamic update consolidation, efficient clipboard functions, and DiGi integration in Update Set Printer v2.0!

Update Set Printer v2.0: Enhanced with DiGi

Discover dynamic update consolidation, efficient clipboard functions, and DiGi integration in Update Set Printer v2.0!
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Mitch Deaner
March 7, 2024

A few months ago we released the first version of our Update Set Printer tool.  We are excited to announce our newest iteration of this functionality!

These new enhancements contain a control panel that allows users to dynamically consolidate updates, show deleted records, and display the type of update desired for documentation. By selecting the checkbox for the update type, this will show/hide all updates of this type. The other new item you will see is the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ functionality. This makes it much easier to copy all of the text displayed in the right panel to your clipboard. 

In the below screenshot you can see how the unchecked update types are hidden and how the Deleted Records are displayed in the right panel.

When selecting ‘Consolidated Updates’, this lists all of the updates from the selected update sets and categorizes them by update type. Users still have the ability to dynamically show the update types they would like to add into their documentation.

Another new update we are excited to roll out is the ability to utilize our DiGi application to automate writing descriptions for selected updates. If you’re not familiar with DiGi, click the above link to learn more. With this integration, you can use your choice of AI Engine to automatically pull descriptions for set updates. The update types that pull AI descriptions are controlled with a system property (update_set_printer.ai.description.tables) that allows you to add any update type in which to call AI to write descriptions.

 NOTE: if you do not have DiGi installed, you will not have this option within your instance.

When you select this option, there is an API call with your selected AI Engine to retrieve an output and add it to the corresponding Update. DiGi gives you the ability to alter how you would like to query AI, so you can configure how you want this response to be written by the AI.

To be able to use this tool, simply go to our Open Source GitHub Repo and select the Update Set Printer folder. Download the Update Set Printer v2.0.xml Update Set and import into your instance. 

NOTE: If you do not have DiGi installed on your instance, you will run into a few errors when you ‘Preview Update Set’. Take a look at the README.md under Installation Notes to navigate these errors.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at ​​now@rapdev.io if you have any questions or would like to see a working demo.

Written by
Mitch Deaner
Penn State Alumnus with experience in ServiceNow implementations and integrations. Improving processes with automation while seeking out the next global adventure. WE ARE!
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