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RapDev Datadog Partner of the Year & 4 New Product Launches

RapDev Named Datadog Partner of the Year; Announces Launch of 4 New Products on Datadog Marketplace
Thursday, August 3, 2023
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RapDev, a leading DevOps engineering firm, has been awarded the 2023 Datadog Partner Network (DPN) North America Partner of the Year Award for the second consecutive year.

Datadog, the observability and security platform for cloud applications, unveiled the award at its DASH conference yesterday. Alongside the recognition, RapDev announced the launch of 4 new offerings on the Datadog marketplace, adding to a portfolio of 30+ products that help Datadog customers extend and enrich observability in their environments.

The DPN award winners were chosen based on the partners' revenue contribution, joint product development efforts, and their proven commitment to providing their customers with the innovation, services and support needed to build and scale their businesses.

RapDev was selected as the DPN North America Partner of the Year because of its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in customer outcomes. RapDev and Datadog pursue joint marketing and sale activities, enabling customers to access RapDev's deep engineering expertise gained from installations of more than 100,000 Datadog agents across 100+ Datadog implementations.

Our team is proud of the work we've done to accelerate our customers' observability journeys with Datadog. We are also excited to launch additional offerings on the Datadog marketplace, showing our continued commitment to servicing customer needs and expanding the value of the Datadog platform," said Tameem Hourani, founder and CEO at RapDev."
DASH brings together Datadog customers and partners to connect and showcase best practices in observability and security. It's an honor to present our global partners with awards at the event," said Adam Blitzer, Chief Operating Officer at Datadog. "The companies recognized this year are committed to innovation and delivering value to their customers. Congratulations to all the winners on this achievement and thank you for your continued partnership with Datadog."

As part of their continued commitment to expanding the Datadog ecosystem, RapDev is excited to introduce four new offerings on the Datadog Marketplace. SwiftMQ and Spacelift integrations seamlessly integrate with Datadog, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing business downtime. By proactively alerting application owners of incidents, these integrations enable organizations to ensure reliable communication between components and improve overall user experience.

RapDev is launching two more integrations, IBM Cloud and Datadog Usage Tracker, in August. IBM Cloud will allow customers to unify cloud resource management and Usage Tracker will identify anomalies in consumption patterns to avoid unintended and unnecessary cost overruns.

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