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Tackle Change Management with RapDev’s ChatOps

Eliminate the delay of waiting for approvals, incident updates and weekly CAB meetings with RapDev’s ChatOps for ServiceNow. RapDev’s chatbot integrates ServiceNow with the chat tools that your teams rely on most and simplify change management for your IT fulfillers.

RapDev’s chatbot for MS Teams and Slack

How it works

Our ServiceNow chatbot connects three different systems - ServiceNow, AWS, and Azure to enable your MS Teams or Slack Chatbot.

Request approvals

Allow key process or application owners and those involved with compliance and control to approve or reject requests directly from their chat tools like Slack and MS Teams.

Incident response

Save valuable time for your IT fulfillers and engineers by enabling them to update work notes, change the state of an incident or change request, or reassign incidents as needed straight from Slack or MS Teams.

Change management

Tired of sitting through CAB calls to approve a change request? You can now do it right from Teams or Slack, without needing to login to the ServiceNow UI or joining an endless CAB meeting.

Gain visibility

Regardless of whether manual approvals are still part of your change process, RapDev’s ServiceNow chatbot helps ensure approvers are immediately aware of the items they are responsible for and proactively avoid potential disruption in the case of Major Incidents.

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