ITOM Health

AI-Driven Event Correlation and Aggregation for Cloud and Ephemeral Workloads

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Modern AIOps, SRO, Event Management

Modern correlation and aggregation engines are essential in todays transactional world of technologies. As applications become more segmented into smaller microservices running on temporary containers, we are seeing a much larger influx of events to be correlated and ingested. Making sure this ingestion can be automated and dynamically tuned and adjusted using machine learning algorithms is a cornerstone of making sure ServiceNow AIOps is relevant in a modern cloud environment.

AIOps for Containers and Short-Lived workloads

Ephemeral workloads are growing, and the ability to dynamically understand and correlate events using machine learning has never been more important. The RapDev team has deep knowledge and understanding of how short-lived cloud workloads behave, and how to leverage AIOps to correlate their events into rolled-up service views of your platform's health and status. Ensuring that all your cloud events, both incidents or informational events are making it into the ServiceNow platform correctly and accurately is extremely important to the success of your ITOM Health implementation. Our team is focused on delivering a scalable and automated implementation of the module, to allow your engineers to focus on what matters most, resolving incidents.

Site Reliability Operations

Have you wondered how to interact with the NOW platform from a non-UI perspective? The RapDev team has helped customers adopt a CLI-First approach to interacting with the ServiceNow platform, by building our own Command-Line-Interface for the ServiceNow platform, and then adopting the new natively supported CLI from ServiceNow.

Ensuring that your SRE’s have the ability to easily interact and integrate with the ServiceNow platform is essential to the rollout of the ITOM module, and our engineers are helping pave the way for making the ServiceNow platform more cloud-ready.

Event Management and Aggregation

Understanding how to define and combine events in your environment is key to being able to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio from all the monitoring tools sending events into the NOW platform.  The RapDev teams experience integrating with modern observability platforms such as Datadog, Splunk, Dynatrace, and many more, gives you access to the leading engineers in the ServiceNow ecosystem for modern observability and monitoring.  Ensuring that all your events are correctly parsed and consumed will let your engineers focus on resolving issues more effectively, instead of spending hours troubleshooting and identifying root-cases of ongoing problems.

Deep experience in GCP, AWS, and Azure clouds

SRE’s that have years of experience running multi-cloud production environments

Architects experienced in building microservice architectures, run by ServiceNow

Customized Tag-Based service-mapping features to help scale your maps based on cloud events such as GCP Stack Driver or AWS CloudTrail

Event Management, AIOps, and DevOps

Power of the platform at its finest - the ability to allow developers to move faster by integrating their tools with the platform is a new area of innovation for the ServiceNow platform, and the RapDev team is helping lead the charge. Bringing in Events to the DevOps platform allows you to to:

Bring deploy events into ServiceNow for better tracking

Combine software deploys with potential monitoring events to instantly identify outages

Bridge the world of Development and Operations by aggregating events in ServiceNow

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