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Cloud-native container-first Discovery and Service Mapping.

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Modern Discovery & Service Mapping Implementation

Understanding how to deploy Discovery in a world where single CI’s may only exist for hours is a crucial part of scaling your ServiceNow instance across multiple clouds and different container management stacks.  Even more importantly is the ability to map these services that likely scale elastically based on your workload demands and seasonality.  RapDev’s experience with tag-based service mapping has made them the go-to partner for cloud-heavy ITOM implementations.

The first step of a DevOps transformation is knowing what you own - Visibility.

If you cant see your engineering footprint be it on prem or in the cloud, you simply cant run it reliably. The ability to know what containers, VM’s, cloud-native services, or even hardware is present in any of your locations is an important pillar of managing your production infrastructure.  Using the ServiceNow ITOM Visibility suite is the most effective way to get a full understanding of your service dependencies, and mapping them for an easy quick glance of what areas to focus on.

Infrastructure-as-Code is becoming more prevalent in all modern tech stacks today, and being able to consume these posture definitions to map your environments is the single scalable form of doing so with modern infrastructure.

Why is RapDev different?

Our team is often consulted for in-depth discussions around how to build a future-proof CSDM that can handle both legacy on-prem hardware, alongside modern ephemeral workloads that may only exist for short periods of time. The team’s experience in the cloud-first ecosystem helps bring an important perspective to ServiceNow teams that may otherwise be hard to find. The focus on catering to both your refactored microservices, as well as your SAP and mainframes pre-existing infrastructure is crucial to ensuring the right end to end visibility of all your services, and RapDev specializes in the ability to cater to both personas.

What can RapDev offer that other partners cannot?

Deep experience in GCP, AWS, and Azure clouds

SRE’s that have years of experience running multi-cloud production environments

Architects experienced in building microservice architectures, run by ServiceNow

Customized Tag-Based service-mapping features to help scale your maps based on cloud events such as GCP Stack Driver or AWS CloudTrail

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