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The race to accelerate software delivery and innovation has increased the need for seamless collaboration among siloed teams and tools in the CI/CD pipeline.

Our Lean Into DevOps joint offering with ServiceNow is a part of the Built with ServiceNow program that helps you accelerate your deployment velocity while ensuring all compliance requirements are met and your developers’ time is spent efficiently.

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Organizations are challenged by a lack of holistic visibility, manual change management and fragmented change tracking within their development and production environments.

RapDev's implementation strategies are designed to help you unlock maximum value from your ServiceNow investment by streamlining and optimizing your development and change process, with increased overall traceability of your deploys.

How does it work?

Automate Change Creation

Integrate a variety of DevOps tools to automatically create change requests leading to faster release cycles while minimizing overall risk. Our team of engineers has in-depth experience integrating the ServiceNow DevOps module with a variety of CI/CD tools, including:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub Actions
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jira
Streamline change approvals workflows

Set up workflow automation to modernize your legacy change management process. While this may require an entirely new DevOps change process architecture, our engineers can help you implement this with minimal disruption to your existing development workflows.

Build an automated approval process

Automating approvals will dramatically increase your change velocity by eliminating bottlenecks. Our team will work with you to design and implement an automated approval policy that fits your company’s risk profile, which is a crucial step for accelerating change management using the DevOps module.

Communicate faster with ChatOps

Equipped with our ServiceNow-native ChatBot integration, approvers can respond to change requests, update notes or reassign incidents directly from Microsoft Teams or Slack, without having to log into the ServiceNow platform.

Increase transparency and minimize risk

The Lean into DevOps solution is designed to deliver a high level of visibility and traceability across your entire CI/CD toolchain. Our experience with highly-regulated companies and modern DevOps methodologies helps us develop crystal clear audit trails for your auditors and change managers through automated data collection.

Customer Success Stories

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ServiceNow DevOps Quick-Start Option

RapDev’s quick-start option is designed to get the DevOps module up and running for your most progressive development team. It is designed to work quickly with your engineers to understand your deployment frameworks, audit requirements, and testing tools and ensure all of your auditors requirements are met.

DevOps Quickstart Implementation includes:

Full integration of 3 OOTB tools

New DevOps change process architecture and deployment

Onboarding of 1 DevOps team including:

• Up to 5 Repositories or Microservices

• Up to 2 Projects

• Up to 2 Pipelines with change stages

• Up to 2 automated testing tools

Design and implementation of an automated approval policy to accelerate change management

Free access to all RapDev DevOps integrations through the ServiceNow Store

3 months of free RapDev Bot Chatops (Slack/Microsoft Teams)

DevOps Quickstart
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