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Monitor the state of your Jira Cloud infrastructure with RapDev’s Integration

Bring the health of your Jira Cloud into Datadog

Monitor the state of your Jira Cloud infrastructure with RapDev’s Integration
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Hei Yiu
March 1, 2024

What is Jira Cloud?

Jira Cloud is a cloud-based service that allows you to plan, track, and manage your software projects. It is a product of Atlassian, a company that provides tools for teams to collaborate and deliver great products. Jira Cloud supports agile teams that utilize Scrum, Kanban, and DevOps. 

How is RapDev’s Jira Cloud integration set up?

The Jira Cloud integration allows organizations to monitor their overall Jira Cloud Backup health by reporting on Summary Reports, Workflows, and Issue metrics. Due to API version differences, the integration currently only works with Jira Cloud and does not work with on-premise or self-hosted Jira sites. In the backend, the integration utilizes version 3 of the Jira API. Testing for the integration has primarily been on Datadog agent v7.49.0 and may not work with lower versions of the Datadog agent. 

What can I get from the Jira Cloud integration?

The integration has three sections: Overview, Jira Workflows, and Jira Issues.

The Overview section aims to provide a general summary of the overall system. In this section, the user can see the number of Jira user groups and Jira projects at a glance. For more in-depth info, a chart for ticket count grouped by labels can be found on the left, while a chart showing group size can be seen on the right.

The Issues section covers metrics around Jira issues. A configurable monitor will toggle between red and green depending on the number of issues, with both the highest priority and a non-resolved status for the resolution field. At the bottom, there is a chart showing trendlines for all issues and unresolved issues. 

The last section covers metrics around Jira Workflows. The metrics show the total number of Jira Workflows and Jira Workflow Schemes. A trend comparison between active and inactive workflow can be seen on the bottom.


Bringing the health of your Jira Cloud into Datadog just adds yet another IT component to the observability arsenal provided by Datadog and RapDev. The Jira integration by RapDev ships with a standard out-of-the-box monitor and dashboard to provide a high-level overview and top-level Jira metrics when utilizing this integration to monitor their system health status, discover trends in Jira usage, and help improve velocity. Take out a trial of the integration through Datadog’s Marketplace to begin monitoring your Jira environments.

This isn't the integration you're looking for? Missing a critical feature for your organization? Drop RapDev a note at support@rapdev.io, and we'll build it!

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Hei Yiu
Boston, MA
A Boston-raised DevOps Engineer with a background in testing and data engineering. A Boston Celtics fan who also enjoys the history and analytics aspects. I enjoy traveling and visiting different kinds of parks and museums.
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