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RapDev at DASH 2024: Week at a Glance

A glimpse at an action-packed week at Datadog's DASH 2024 conference
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Logan Rohloff
July 9, 2024

Another year of Datadog’s DASH conference has come to a close, and this year was nothing short of exciting as Datadog gave us a glimpse of what’s to come in next-generation observability. However, a lot happened before thousands of attendees gathered in a theater to hear the keynote, and RapDev was out in full force with 22 employees, 2 observability theater sessions, 2 expo hall booths, possibly the best DASH Happy Hour ever thrown, and bringing home a couple awards for the RapDev trophy case back in Boston.

1…2…3…peat DPN Partner of the Year

One of the most important things that RapDev continues to strive for with our customer-centric mindset and creative engineering is bringing full-fledged observability to organizations everywhere. The track record continued to speak for itself this year as we brought home Datadog’s North American Partner of the Year award for the third year in a row, showcasing our continued dedication to merging observability with critical business outcomes through the use of Datadog.

But wait, there’s more! On top of winning the North American Partner of the Year, RapDev also brought home Datadog’s Marketplace Partner of the Year by developing custom integrations to bring enhanced observability data to Datadog for technologies the platform doesn’t natively support. Since the last DASH conference, RapDev has released 16 new integrations for technologies such as Ansible Automation Platform, RedHat Satellite, Veeam, and more. On top of this, we unveiled our new hosted Marketplace integration model, where we take care of data collection from your SaaS tools and send it to your Datadog account, so you don’t need to worry about running an extra agent for running an agent check-based integration.

Two Talks, One Vision: Enhancing Datadog with Vector/Observability Pipelines

This year, RapDev's presentations were all about Datadog’s Vector/Observability Pipelines product, given by RapDev’s very own Jesse Eddy and me in combination with Datadog’s product team. These 2 sessions were centered around a few core themes:

  • Real-life observability problems we’ve seen with our customers and how we were able to solve those
  • Log optimization best practices for efficient and cost-effective logging
  • Bringing business value with technology solutions to organizations everywhere

Raise the Roof…top Bar

Not everything at DASH conference is about the Datadog product or even observability. In fact, I would argue that one of the most valuable pieces of the DASH experience and conferences in general is attending events outside of the conference. This year was no exception, and it did not disappoint, as after an action-packed first day, RapDev hosted the official DASH Happy Hour at Versa’s rooftop bar. 

At this awesome event we got to meet and talk to so many new and familiar people across Datadog employees, former and current customers, and friends. Oh, and did I mention there were PUPPIES?! For the second year in a row, RapDev partnered with the ASPCA to support our furry friends by donating $1 for every drink. I’m not sure there’s anything more fun than good company, good drinks, and a dozen little four-legged friends.

Last but not least, our founder, Tameem, dusted off his old turntable skills to give our happy hour DJ a much-deserved break. 

Observe, Secure, Act - DASH 2024 Keynote

Datadog continued its track record of unwavering devotion to bringing observability to all technology stacks with their new releases unveiled at DASH this year. From introducing LLM tracing to their new Log Workspaces to Kubernetes Autoscaling, Datadog unleashed a myriad of new products and features that bring even more power behind their platform. They certainly followed through with this year’s mantra of “Observe, Secure, Act” with all of their newest features, and I’m personally chomping at the “bits” to get to play with them.

That’s the story of RapDev’s DASH experience in a nutshell. DASH, this year was another week filled with an amazing product, great conversations, new partnerships, and exciting new releases from Datadog. All of us here at RapDev are already looking forward to what DASH 2025 will bring us.

Interested to learn more? Check out our latest offerings and marketplace integrations.

Written by
Logan Rohloff
Boston, MA
Michigan-born but Boston-residing engineer with experience ranging from application management to infrastructure administration and automation, dodgeball national champion
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