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Rapid approvals with ChatOps

Take the pain out of change approvals. Discover how chatbot notifications for ServiceNow requests help you speed approvals.
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Team RapDev
October 7, 2021

While ServiceNow may be a source of truth for changes, requests, and their related process, many organizations may not spend much of their time within the ServiceNow environment. The people with most on the line (i.e. process or application owners, those involved with compliance and control, or engineers endorsing a code change) typically do their work elsewhere. 

This poses a risk when those same people need to quickly approve or reject a change. This sometimes results in the appropriate time to implement changes passing because the approver did not see an email in time or was not actively looking at ServiceNow to approve changes or requests. 

Nowadays, most people are accustomed to monitoring their enterprise chat applications closely.  When they hear the notification sound, they are more likely to check and respond to these ad-hoc messages quickly than an email.

However, using RapDev's custom chatbot integrated with ServiceNow, you can put these critical approvals in front of the right people at the right time. The chatbot gives you an easy method of approval to make sure change requests are not missed. 

For example with a customer in the financial industry using Symphony as an enterprise chat tool, the flow of this chatbot integration would go something like this:

This results in a Symphony chat message being sent to all relevant members of an approval group, whether it be for special approval (in the above example a change against a CI with special compliance requirements) or a normal change with a standard set of approvers. 

The message itself will usually contain a brief overview on the record seeking approval and also provides approval options available from within ServiceNow:

If manual approvals are still a part of your change process, using RapDev’s ChatOps can help ensure approvers are immediately aware of the items they are responsible for. This is one of the easiest ways to increase the velocity of your changes lifecycle and streamlines the process of deploying them.

If you would like to give this a try in your organization, check out our application on the ServiceNow Store. This application already includes integrations with both Slack and Microsoft Teams, but we are constantly developing custom integrations for other systems. If this sounds like a valuable application for your organization, get in touch and find out what RapDev’s ChatOps can do for you.

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