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RapDev and ServiceNow Partnership: Lean into DevOps

Learn all about Lean into DevOps and what you can expect from it.
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Team RapDev
October 5, 2022

Lean into DevOps, we’ve got the rest covered

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we live for ServiceNow module updates and new application releases. Every release and update is pushing end-to-end infrastructure visibility further, simplifying operational workflows, and helping DevOps teams develop and deploy faster. 

We’re thrilled to celebrate the release of the ServiceNow DevOps Change Velocity module. This DevOps module, available to ITSM Pro users, is a part of the “Built with ServiceNow” Program, a slate of 50 new and updated offerings. 

In conjunction with this ServiceNow module launch, the RapDev team is excited to announce our newest service offering, Lean into DevOps. These implementation services and workshops are being released in partnership with ServiceNow to help ITSM Pro users implement the DevOps Change Velocity module. But what does all of this mean? Let’s take a closer look at the new ServiceNow ITSM Pro module, DevOps Change Velocity and Lean into DevOps! 

DevOps Change Velocity and RapDev

RapDev’s approach to DevOps is to help each of our clients accelerate the change request process through automation, ensuring all necessary change data is populated on the change request with zero manual effort. This enables their DevOps teams to plan, develop, build, test, deploy, and operate faster and with less risk. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we helped develop the DevOps Change Velocity module with ServiceNow. The result is a module that will make the change management process easier. How? The module connects your development tools to ServiceNow and feeds the platform metadata on your developers’ activities. When it is time for a deployment, the change request is automatically created and populated with the data that has been sent to ServiceNow. Then, pre-defined DevOps policies are used to evaluate the change request and inform the pipeline to continue with the deployment. This ensures that the change request has enough information for auditing purposes. 

DevOps teams experience increased productivity as developers no longer have to manually complete change request forms. Teams also have the freedom and flexibility to work within their development tools to approve change requests. In addition to accelerating the change request process, DevOps Change Velocity offers: 

  • Pipeline Modeling: Achieve true end-to-end infrastructure visibility with the ability to model your DevOps pipelines in ServiceNow. 
  • Improved Integrations: Automatically integrate with tools like Jira, ITBM Agile 2.0, Enterprise GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and more without using the DevOps Integrations app.  
  • DevOps Insights: Access to reporting and analytics dashboards to track KPIs like change failure rate and average lead time. Your teams can also access other out-of-the-box dashboards with built-in flow metrics that can help you boost productivity, simplify audits, and understand performance in context. 

Like many other ServiceNow products and solutions, this module is a game changer that requires in-depth knowledge of ServiceNow to properly deploy. When an enterprise is looking for immediate ROI from their purchase, an implementation partner is necessary. 

Here’s where RapDev comes in. 

RapDev named primary DevOps Change Velocity implementation partner

With the launch of DevOps Change Velocity, ServiceNow announced their partnership with RapDev, naming us as the only ServiceNow partner with Partner Line Achievement Status. In other words, we’re the primary certified implementation partner for this new module. 

We’ve worked with ServiceNow’s engineers and module development teams to create this module, and so we understand exactly how to implement it. Our goal in collaborating with ServiceNow for the creation of this module and launching Lean into DevOps is to ensure that each user will be able to confidently take the reins in using the solution after we deploy it.  

RapDev engineers are adept at combining new ServiceNow tools with existing ServiceNow solutions and even creating custom ServiceNow-native integrations and solutions. Armed with this in-depth expertise, we’re offering DevOps Change Velocity module implementation packages and workshops that will help each of our customers achieve the most ROI from this ServiceNow solution. 

What can you expect from Lean into DevOps? 

Partnering with RapDev for ServiceNow DevOps Change Velocity module implementation or deployment via workshops will empower customers to: 

  • Improve developer efficiency and accelerate software deployment velocity
  • Automate risk-posture assessments
  • Track DORA metrics 
  • Ensure security compliance and audit-readiness 
  • Improve time to value for software development

Even before the DevOps Change Velocity launch, we’ve worked with clients to bring automation and the security of predictive analytics to their CI/CD pipelines. We recently partnered with Northern Trust, a Fortune 500 financial services organization. The company needed a more efficient way to check software code for vulnerabilities and licensing compliance. Even with pre-release gate checks, they struggled to manually evaluate results and approve change requests. After working with our team, Northern Trust was able to reduce the total time required for change approvals from one week to one hour

We helped them make approval decisions faster using machine learning algorithms and automatically detect new artifacts and push them into ServiceNow. You can read more about how our team helped improve Northern Trust’s tagging strategy and regain highly valuable developer time in the full case study

ServiceNow DevOps Change Velocity users can expect similar CI/CD pipeline improvements and overall productivity increases when using this new, expanded module. RapDev is committed to learning what you and your team hope to gain from the DevOps Change Velocity module. Then, we’ll create a uniquely tailored implementation plan that will ensure you maximize your investment. 

Ready to see how ServiceNow DevOps Change Velocity can transform your infrastructure? Connect with a RapDev engineer.  

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Team RapDev
We're engineers by profession and open source learners/contributors at heart. Here to give you the full rundown on DevOps - What we've learnt, what we're experts at, what we're exploring.
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