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Modern enterprises Lean into DevOps with RapDev

Modern Enterprises Lean into DevOps with RapDev
Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Modern Enterprises Lean into DevOps with RapDev

ServiceNow Elite Partner, RapDev is the Only Partner with DevOps PLA Status. RapDev today announced its newest service offering, Lean into DevOps.  

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, RapDev's engineers help Fortune 1000 companies release software faster and improve scalability and availability, in part by guiding and optimizing ServiceNow implementations. RapDev's Lean Into DevOps is part of the Built with ServiceNow Offering, which currently includes nearly 50 products and solutions.

RapDev's Lean Into DevOps is part of the Built with ServiceNow Offering, which includes nearly 50 products & solutions.

What makes RapDev so unique? Their experienced team of over 70 engineers design customized, enterprise-ready DevOps implementations and optimize workflows to reimagine modern developer experiences in highly regulated industries.

To achieve this, Lean Into DevOps is focused on enabling customers to:

  • Improve developer efficiency and accelerate software deployment velocity
  • Automate risk-posture assessments
  • Track DORA metrics
  • Ensure security compliance and audit-readiness
  • Improve time to value for software development

RapDev has long been a leader within the ServiceNow partner program due to its engineering credibility, proven track record, and completion of hundreds of successful ServiceNow deployments. They bridge the gap between cloud-native technologies and the ServiceNow Platform, enabling customers to track containers and microservices, and to implement ChatOps best practices on a granular basis. This has repeatedly unlocked valuable insights for the modern ServiceNow customer base.

"As a DevOps leader in a highly regulated and fast-moving industry," says Basivi R. Junna, VP/Principal Architect of DevOps at Northern Trust, a RapDev customer, "my goal is to streamline development wherever possible. That's exactly why we chose RapDev to optimize our ServiceNow DevOps module. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Their support has saved our engineers hundreds of hours while enabling speed and compliance. RapDev's ServiceNow expertise means our engineers can stay focused on what makes Northern Trust unique and valuable to our customers."

RapDev empowers ServiceNow customers to improve their DevOps processes and:

  • Avoid manual change processes and wasted engineering time
  • Accelerate software deployment velocity and scale growth
  • Control risk and meet compliance and audit requirements, even with ephemeral architectures in play
  • Improve visibility across the entire CI/CD pipelines and toolsets
  • Save hundreds of hours on implementations and optimization
  • Embrace modern DevOps best practices without unnecessary risk or friction
"RapDev has continually led hundreds of successful implementations and optimizations as an  Elite ServiceNow Partner," said Anand Ahire, senior director, product management, DevOps, ServiceNow. "These new capabilities enable our customers to realize even more ROI from their investment in ServiceNow."

RapDev's team of engineers is on a mission to help customers release software faster and more securely, all while improving service availability. Their experienced team builds customer relationships around transparency, flexibility, and innovative problem-solving.

Learn more about how RapDev supports ServiceNow use cases and enables their customers to take advantage of world-class enterprise architecture. Get in touch today.

About RapDev:

Founded in 2019, RapDev is the go-to partner for cloud-native implementations of ServiceNow at Fortune 1000 organizations. Through extensive experience working with domestic and international organizations to drive ROI on DevOps investments, RapDev can improve software release cycles and ensure availability for cloud-native applications. RapDev expertly guides organizations through their DevOps transformations from beginning to end.

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