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RapDev achieves Elite partnership with ServiceNow

RapDev Achieves Elite Partnership Status Under The ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem
Thursday, July 29, 2021
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RapDev, a leading provider of enterprise-level engineering solutions, announced today that it is now an Elite partner in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem. The Elite partnership status recognizes RapDev's agility and expertise in delivering unparalleled ServiceNow solutions to Enterprise and Fortune 100 organizations across the globe.

RapDev's team of engineers and developers has been delivering on numerous implementations and transformations for the past two years, accelerating customers' efforts to streamline software delivery and operations.

RapDev is also officially the first and only ServiceNow partner globally to obtain the DevOps Product Line Achievement. Having supported over ten implementations of the ServiceNow DevOps module to date, RapDev has a proven track record of delivering modern solutions to build CICD velocity, accelerate code deployment, and reduce software time-to-market. Their expertise lies in simplifying complex processes to drive cloud-native ITX, DevOps, and Service Mapping solutions. RapDev has also focused on building supporting integrations for their customers which are published on the ServiceNow store. In addition to their suite of business process automation solutions, RapDev also offers modern observability and analytics capabilities that help businesses make sense of their data more easily so they can make better informed business decisions.

"We're extremely excited and proud of what our team has been able to achieve in under two years of being in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Our dedication to the platform and our customers, paired with a hyper-focused strategy of cloud-native services and modern technologies is starting to pay off. We are seeing exponential growth across both new and existing customer relationships, and are very bullish on what the coming years with ServiceNow hold for us,"says Tameem Hourani, Principal at RapDev.

RapDev's long standing partnership with ServiceNow enables them to provide their customers with end-to-end solutions for efficient operations across all industry verticals - including healthcare, government, manufacturing, and finance. Their recent initiative to opensource all ServiceNow internal projects and codebases is yet another example of their contribution towards more collaboration and continuous innovation in the ServiceNow community.

The RapDev team is excited about this accomplishment and looks forward to continuing their work and growing with the ServiceNow platform.

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