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RapDev Becomes First ServiceNow Partner to Open Source Internal Projects

Rapdev becomes first servicenow partner to open source all internal projects
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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RapDev announced today that it will Open Source all its existing internal projects and codebases related to ServiceNow in a pioneering effort to help drive continuous innovation and collaboration in the ServiceNow community.

This decision will make all previous projects and integrations built for ServiceNow Open Source projects under the MIT license, and will be immediately available on their GitHub repository for public access and contribution.

"It's an important decision for us and we hope to meaningfully give back to the ServiceNow community," says Tameem Hourani, Principal at RapDev. "We are extremely grateful for the brilliant engineers in the space that have shared their thoughts and ideas over time and are hoping to be able to contribute back by sharing our codebase."

After several years of delivering solutions on the platform, the team has built utilities and integrations that are helpful to the globally growing community of ServiceNow developers. By being the first partners to contribute their code to the Open Source initiative, they hope to inspire other ServiceNow developers and consultants who are actively building solutions and optimizing the platform to also support the community with their code. Establishing a community-led body of work that is rich in diversity with a broad range of input is the driving force for this initiative.

"We are hopeful that this will jumpstart a wave of developer contribution and innovation to accelerate the growth and development of the ServiceNow platform's capabilities. We are very excited to be able to lead the way with such a significant decision and are bullish that other developers and organizations will follow," Hourani says further.

For access to the GitHub repository and projects, navigate to the footer section.

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