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As a Premier partner of ServiceNow, we are the go-to partner for implementing the ServiceNow DevOps product, helping our customers reclaim hundreds of hours from their legacy change process.
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Our extensive experience in the DevOps space has helped us guide customers in the best way to build their modern DevOps change process, ensuring as little friction as possible so developers can continue to deploy quickly, and efficiently. Slowing down developers is not an option in today’s world, and RapDev’s experience recognizes exactly that.  One of the core components in achieving a modern change process, is to lean heavily on the ChatOps methodologies. Our ChatBot is a great way to get started with ChatOps for ServiceNow.


ServiceNow DevOps Quick-Start Option

Full integration of 3 OOTB tools
New DevOps change process architecture and deployment
Onboarding of 1 DevOps team including
- Up to 5 Repositories or Microservices
- Up to 2 Projects
- Up to 2 Pipelines with change stages
Free access to all RapDev DevOps integrations through the ServiceNow store
6 months of free RapDev Bot ChatOps (Slack/MS Teams)
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Client Testimonial

The RapDev team is a major part of our success on the ServiceNow platform. Their knowledge and experience has helped us align our goals and deliver solutions that are important to us

Director at a major US bank

They 'talk the talk and walk the walk'.  The RapDev team have had to on many occasions, through onsite workshops, convince some strong minded individuals on the benefits of the product, up to the company board level

Director at a technology company

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