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Nutanix Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain Nutanix infrastructure insights with RapDev's integration for Datadog.
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Logan Rohloff
March 4, 2021

If you know Datadog, you know they have hundreds of different integrations to help you monitor your server infrastructure whether it resides in a vCenter, Azure, AWS, or GCP.Datadog did have one gap, however. That gap was the lack of an integration with the hyper-converged infrastructure of Nutanix, a growing piece in many companies' datacenters. After several inquiries from our existing customers and from Datadog themselves, we decided to move forward with building the Nutanix integration. The Nutanix integration works by polling your clusters’ individual Nutanix Prism Element CVMs for data about the clusters and their hosts, VMs, storage containers, and more. The Nutanix Integration for Datadog comes with 4 Dashboards - Overview, Clusters, Hosts and VMs.


The Overview Dashboard provides high-level insight into the entire Nutanix environment, displaying some standard system metrics focused on general performance of the different systems, as well as events that are taking place. The clusters, hosts, and VMs dashboards show similar metrics, but they are scoped by the infrastructure type. These dashboards show system metrics such as CPU, memory, storage usage, storage bandwidth, and I/O. The clusters dashboard also shows metrics around the replication and license expiry. Using the template variables within the dashboards, you can narrow down your metrics by the CVM host, cluster name, Nutanix host, or VM depending on the dashboard.

1. Overview Dashboard

Nutanix Overview Dashboard

2. Nutanix Clusters Dashboard

Nutanix Clusters Dashboard

3. Nutanix Hosts Dashboards

Nutanix Hosts Dashboard

4. Nutanix VMs Dashboard

Nutanix VMs Dashboard


Our Nutanix Integration comes with 4 out-of-the-box monitors for you to use within Datadog, with more being developed. These monitors can be modified to fit the needs of your organization to make sure you get alerted on the information most important to you.

-       Cluster Deduplication Monitor

-       Cluster CPU Monitor

-       Cluster Storage Monitor

-       Cluster Compression Savings RatioMonitor


Complete your Infrastructure Monitoring

Bringing the Nutanix integration to the Datadog Marketplace helps round out the monitoring strategy of organizations around the world when it comes to the iron-premise infrastructure. If you are already using Datadog to monitor your on-premise and/or cloud systems and feel you have a gap when it comes to monitoring your hyper-converged infrastructure in your datacenters, give the Nutanix integration by RapDev a try with a free 2-week trial in the Datadog Marketplace. If you feel the Nutanix integration is missing some crucial components of monitoring your Nutanix environment, drop us a message with the relevant information and we will look into getting it added.

Check out our Nutanix integration for more information, or reach out to our sales team with any additional questions.

Written by
Logan Rohloff
Boston, MA
Michigan-born but Boston-residing engineer with experience ranging from application management to infrastructure administration and automation, dodgeball national champion
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