Datadog Nutanix Cluster Monitoring

Maximize your Nutanix performance with RapDev’s Datadog Nutanix integration. Seamlessly monitor your infrastructure from the cluster and host level down to individual VMs.


Enhanced Visibility Into Your Nutanix Infrastructure

Need granular visibility into your Nutanix clusters, hosts, and VMs? RapDev’s Datadog Nutanix Monitoring integration is implemented using the Nutanix API to connect with the Datadog platform so that you can quickly and efficiently begin tracking your Nutanix infrastructure. 

Launch Quickly

The Nutanix integration can be set up through the Datadog marketplace and implemented in a matter of minutes. A preconfigured dashboard and several out-of-the-box monitors give you instant visibility and actionable insights.

Improve Performance

Optimize your Nutanix infrastructure using a data-driven approach. Analyze data over time to detect trends related to latency, bandwidth, CPU consumption, and more to help you understand and plan for your future network requirements.

Prevent Downtime

Don’t risk downtime by operating your Nutanix infrastructure in the dark. Immediately receive notifications of critical changes to quickly remediate any issues, without wasting time configuring monitoring solutions for clusters, hosts, and VMs separately.

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Why Nutanix Monitoring?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions like Nutanix combine datacenter hardware with intelligent software to replace legacy hardware. The challenge is optimizing the health and performance of such a wide range of resources and processes within every cluster, host, and VM. Nutanix infrastructure requires comprehensive monitoring with granular performance insights.


Monitor cluster performance for disks, content caches, and storage controllers with metrics like latency, data transfer rates, deduplication, CPU usage, and I/O operations.

Improve Host Performance

Track Nutanix host metrics like bandwidth, storage capacity, latency, and memory usage for every disk, hypervisor, and storage controller to optimize performance.

Virtual Machine

Analyze every VM, including virtual disks, storage containers, virtual network interface controllers, and more to understand your infrastructure at a deeper level.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The Datadog integration includes an out-of-the-box dashboard that allows you to track key metrics for your Nutanix clusters, hosts, and VMs in a centralized location. Use Datadog reporting and alerts to stay up-to-date with critical changes to your Nutanix infrastructure.


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