Datadog Implementations

Datadog has proven to be the leader in modern monitoring services for Cloud and on-prem infrastructure, with a platform that has out of the box monitoring for over 200 Cloud services.  As a leader in AWS, GCP, and Azure monitoring, Datadog has become a must have platform for all Cloud based workloads.
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As one of two global Certified Datadog partners, we have helped multiple customers to adopt the platform to its fullest extent.  Our services range from helping customers to get started through a small workshop, to multiple-phased deployments including APM, Logging, and Infrastructure monitoring.  Our SNMP Autodiscovery integration has also helped customers with on-prem devices to leverage Datadog for their SNMP monitoring needs, replacing Solarwinds, ScienceLogic, LogicMonitor, and other similar tools.


Datadog Quick-Start & Advisory Workshop

Includes a 2 day on site workshop, which covers:
Assistance on the best practice implementation of the platform
Advice on tagging strategies
Advice on implementation of APM, Logging, or Infrastructure
- Up to 5 Repositories or Microservices
- Up to 2 Projects
- Up to 2 Pipelines with change stages
Assistance with building custom checks, or agent checks
Assistance with using OOTB integrations to third party platforms such as MS Teams, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and suchlike
Advice on setting up dashboards and monitors

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