Datadog SNMP Autodiscovery

Seamless Autodiscovery for your SNMP devices

Monitor your Datacenter Hardware in Datadog

Looking for an easy way to scan your datacenter and start monitoring your hardware? We have the solution for you! Our Datadog SNMP autodiscovery has the ability to scan subnets, detect hardware types, and automatically start monitoring them via SNMP. It will also create the dashboards and monitors so you don't have to configure them manually.

10+ Manufacturers

We are constantly adding support for new hardware, and currently cover over 10 of the largest manufacturers of datacenter hardware.

Dashboards & Monitors

All our integrations will dynamically create dashboards and monitors for you to consume. You will not have to manually create any graphs, charts, or alerts.

OOTB Tagging

Tagging is a critical component of Datadog, and all our templates will automatically generate the correct tags for any metrics created with our integration. All tags can be used in our Dashboards and Metrics.

Integrated Dashboards

Any discovered hardware types with our integration will automatically generate a dashboard in Datadog with all relevant charts and template variables. This makes it easy to look at all your devices and quickly filter for specific hardware you are looking for.
Out-of-the-Box Dashboards for all hardware types
0-configuration required
Support for over 100 device types

Built-in Tagging

All metrics generated by the integration are dynamically tagged with all relevant information, including hardware location, firmware versions, and other meta-data.
Fans, PSU's, Temperature Sensors, and more tags
Bios, firmware, manufacturer information is tagged

Thousands of Metrics

The complexity of hardware devices makes it a challenging space to monitor, and our team has taken it upon us to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Our integration has support for over 1000 metrics that will be automatically defined and collected via SNMP. This means all you have to do is configure the agent and start watching monitors.
Over 100 metrics per hardware types
Standardized naming convention for easier parsing
No custom configuration required

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Try the Datadog SNMP Autodiscovery integration for free today! Get a 14-day free trial to test the integration, see what devices get discovered, and start using the SNMP monitors with no additional overhead to you or your team!
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