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Monitor Cluster Performance with RapDev’s Nutanix Integration

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions like Nutanix combine datacenter hardware with intelligent software to replace legacy hardware. The challenge is optimizing the health and performance of such a wide range of resources and processes within every cluster, host, and VM. Our out-of-the-box Nutanix monitoring integration for Datadog allows you to get easy, real-time and granular observability across your infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

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Monitor Nutanix resource usage to better understand your environment

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How our Nutanix Datadog integration works

Our integration uses the Nutanix Prism Element API to extract key metrics and send them to Datadog. Visualize key performance metrics on our OOTB dashboards and monitors to ensure continued optimal performance for your entire Nutanix infrastructure.

How It Works

RapDev’s Nutanix Integration

Quick and easy setup

Access the Nutanix Datadog integration through the Datadog Marketplace. The integration takes minutes to set up, and RapDev is available to support you during the process.

Custom dashboards

Access four main dashboards that monitor your Nutanix infrastructure performance from both a bird’s eye view, as well as a more granular level. Whether it’s downtime or disk failure, your team will have the real-time data that you need, to quickly resolve issues and prevent downtime.

Metric monitors

Use our four additional host monitors that cover health and performance metrics like latency, bandwidth, storage capacity, and memory usage to turn them into valuable insights that drive your business decision and help you accurately forecast your future infrastructure needs.

Supports Nutanix Prism Element

Our Nutanix integration works seamlessly with Nutanix Prism Element to monitor metrics such as CPU, read/write IOPS, storage utilization, and more. These metrics are spread across VMs, hypervisors, storage pools and containers, as well as protection domains to ensure your Nutanix environment is running at optimal performance.  

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