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Bring Security, Threat, and Vulnerability Insights to Datadog with RapDev’s Rapid7 Integration

While Rapid7 is great for security monitoring, many organizations want to combine this data with their broader monitoring efforts. This single pane of glass helps generate deeper insights that improve the security, reliability, and availability of enterprise applications and infrastructure.

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Monitor your Rapid7 logs and investigation activity

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How It Works

RapDev’s Rapid7 Monitoring Integration

Investigations dashboard

Our Rapid7 investigations dashboard tracks the status of recently open and closed threat investigations. This high-level overview enables you to track the status of cybersecurity investigations based on their IDs to ensure there aren’t threats going unresolved for too long.

When an incident investigation opens or closes, the integration posts it to the event stream. This makes it possible to track the status changes of investigations within the Datadog Events Explorer as well.

Logs dashboard

The integration also includes a sample dashboard that shows you how you can harness the power of Rapid7 InsightIDR logs. This log-based dashboard uses the Rapid7 API to query IDR log streams and submit them to Datadog. You can then view insights like Rapid7 endpoint agent summaries and the statuses of their processes at a given time.

Since submitting logs may incur additional fees for certain Datadog plans, the integration also reports on a metric that counts the number of logs processed per check. By tracking the volume of logs ingested and indexed, you’ll be able to better estimate the cost of monitoring Rapid7 InsightIDR logs.

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