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Datacenter Monitoring Made Easy with RapDev’s SNMP Profiles Integration

SNMP performance monitoring is critical for datacenter health, but organizations with a large number of hardware devices struggle to get their monitoring processes up and running. At RapDev, we believe in automated, streamlined solutions that save time and frustration. If you’re looking for a simple SNMP monitoring tool, combining Datadog with SNMP Profiles and Dashboards delivers datacenter visibility with zero configuration.

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SNMP Profiles

Observability into SNMP devices with autodiscovery device profiles

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How our SNMP Profiles integration works

SNMP Profiles uses the native Datadog SNMP autodiscovery module to scan subnets, detect the hardware in your datacenter, and create a device inventory. We’ve streamlined the process so you can start monitoring, visualizing, and receiving alerts on hardware within minutes. SNMP Profiles automatically creates dashboards for essential metrics like temperature, fan speed, and CPU usage. We offer support to automatically collect over 1000 metrics with standardized naming conventions across hardware types and manufacturers. Each RapDev hardware dashboard includes graphs, charts, and alerts to help you understand the health of specific hardware devices, as well as the overall datacenter.

How It Works

RapDev’s SNMP Profiles Integration

Dynamic tagging

Tagging is crucial for Datadog monitoring. SNMP Profiles dynamically tags every metric with relevant information like hardware location, firmware, bios, and manufacturers. We’ve spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning the relevant tags for each SNMP profile so you don’t have to.

Streamlined hardware monitoring

SNMP Profiles and Dashboards for Datadog helps you automatically discover and monitor switches, routers, physical servers, storage, firewalls, and other hardware devices in your datacenter. We’ve automated the process by frontloading pre-defined SNMP profiles for dozens of the largest manufacturers. And, when you have additional hardware we don’t have existing profiles for, we’ll create them (and the corresponding dashboards) as part of the implementation process.

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