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Stay Ahead of Outages with RapDev's Microsoft 365 Monitoring for Datadog

At RapDev, we believe engineers should spend more time developing new features and less time reacting to Microsoft 365 incidents, formulating fixes, and filing outage reports. When a Microsoft 365 application is down or experiencing hiccups, this cuts into an organization's internal and external communications, productivity, sales, and ultimately revenue. 

Why Microsoft 365 Monitoring Integration

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How our Microsoft 365 monitoring integration works

This integration features continuous synthetic testing and monitoring, allowing DevOps engineers and SREs to focus more on high-value projects that move the needle for your business.

How it works

RapDev’s Microsoft 365 Monitoring Integration

Anomaly detection for seamless uptime

Our integration features anomaly detection and alerting for DNS response time issues, login failures or lags, and other performance issues on any device and platform in your organization’s distributed workforce. Teams are empowered to uncover and resolve issues quickly, and gather fresh insights from the Microsoft 365 environment — like how a user’s location impacts their experience.

Real-time alerts from our monitoring dashboard

Our dashboard with real-time monitoring and alerting allows you to visualize your organization's uptime and real-time usage data for the full Microsoft 365 suite. Developers can meet SLAs, track and achieve KPIs, and gives engineers total visibility across: 

  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Yammer
  • Teams
  • Skype

Greater visibility across the entire network path

Pinpoint issues and incidents at every point of the network path with end-to-end Microsoft 365 monitoring. While Microsoft’s Dataverse offers limited visibility into Microsoft 365’s performance, users have to manually build dashboards, and it’s difficult to collect usage statistics over time. With integration, users can access data over a 15-month period, helping teams to detect outages sooner, and in some cases, prevent outages altogether.

Reduce IT support tickets

We know DevOps and SREs are busy, and their time is best spent on product and development — not putting out fires.  Monitoring Microsoft 365 with RapDev's Datadog integration enables engineers to spot performance issues before they occur, reducing the frequency of IT support tickets.  Fewer support tickets translates to increased productivity and happier engineers.

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