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Have you been impacted by an Office365 outage recently? Are you looking for a way to proactively detect Office365 outages?

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The RapDev Office365 integration allows you to monitor all your process and service quality between your end users and the Microsoft cloud. By continuously testing and monitoring the service experience synthetically, you can detect risks or full scale outages faster than ever before. 

Office365 probes can be deployed at all our remote office locations, and run continuously to ensure your User-Experience in real-time from the end-users locations.

Scaled for enterprise level requirements

The Office365 integration is built to track and manage enterprise-level usage and performance. Seamless is the new norm when it comes to chat, email and document sharing applications and our tool helps you deliver seamlessly, both internally and externally.

Proactive monitoring & alerting

Uninterrupted value delivery is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s market. We help you ensure a seamless user-experience with enhanced visibility into your internal technology stack. You can measure DNS response times, login times and performance from any remote office location. This also means that every time an anomaly is detected, you are alerted to proactively manage the issue to maintain your delivery lines before your customers notify you or open a IT ticket.

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What is monitored by the Datadog Office365 Integration?

Microsoft Exchange & Outlook

Synthetic email tests and monitoring to ensure successful mail transactions

End-to-end monitoring from the cloud or on-premises servers

Identification & OOTB alerts when threshold values are exceeded

Yammer, Teams & Skype

24x7 usage and performance monitoring

Send, Receive and Update an IM

Initiate a Video and Audio call

Monitor video and audio call quality

Continuous synthetic testing of application transactions

OOTB alerts when threshold values are crossed


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