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Resolve ServiceNow Issues with RapDev’s ServiceNow Datadog Integration

ServiceNow has many perks — it’s both extendable and customizable – and it’s a proven platform for critical business processes. But what do you do on that rare occasion when your instance runs slow, experiences downtime, or has other issues?

ServiceNow performance analytics — when you need them

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How our ServiceNow Datadog integration works

With the RapDev ServiceNow Datadog Integration & Performance Analytics, you no longer have to log into ServiceNow and run health dashboards. You simply connect ServiceNow through an API, and then monitor the health and status of your ServiceNow instance within Datadog.

How it works

RapDev’s ServiceNow Datadog Integration

View real-time performance analytics through our dashboard in Datadog

Our integration polls each instance servlet for key performance indicators, giving you real-time performance data to help you troubleshoot issues on your own or work with ServiceNow support to resolve an issue. The ServiceNow Datadog dashboard gives an overview of key ServiceNow performance analytics that are collected from each ServiceNow cluster node, including: 

  • Memory usage
  • Transaction errors
  • Semaphore status
  • Client response time 

You can filter by instance, as well as by node, which is critical as performance issues often affect one node at a time.

Get a bonus ServiceNow ITSM dashboard 

Included with this integration is a ServiceNow ITSM dashboard integrated with Datadog. This dashboard serves as a central hub for incident management and provides an at-a-glance overview of the overall health of your company's Business Services. It can also supplement other service monitoring dashboards with service outage insights.

Key metrics are displayed in a simple, easy-to-read format. Including:

  • Incident resolution time
  • Response time
  • SLA breaches

    The dashboard provides a complete list of open incidents, sorted by age, along with the incident number, assignment group, assignee, and caller. 

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