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Sophos Monitoring With RapDev’s Datadog Integration

Sophos contains an enormous amount of critical health data about your endpoints, but this information is much more valuable when viewed within the context of your overall IT infrastructure.

End-to-end infrastructure visibility –without silos

How it works

RapDev’s Sophos Integration

Granular metrics and service checks

The Sophos integration produces a small set of highly relevant metrics and service checks. We believe that providing more data for a few metrics enables users to get a more specific view of their endpoints’ health. 

  • Metrics: number of registered endpoints, the time that has elapsed since each endpoint has checked into Sophos, and the number of services running on every endpoint. 
  • Service checks: whether the agent running the integration can connect to the API endpoints and the overall health of the endpoints obtained from the Sophos Endpoint API. 

Custom-built monitors

The Sophos integration includes a health status monitor that uses the data from the dashboard to automatically detect when the health of an endpoint has changed. 

A second service monitor alerts when a Sophos service on a managed endpoint has stopped. You can use these monitors to help you stay on top of the health of your Sophos endpoints and services.

Automated endpoint tagging

A solid tagging strategy is key, so our integration automatically attaches tags to registered endpoint metrics. The metrics are tagged with each endpoint’s identifying details like name, type, platform, operating system, and owner. 

For endpoints that are reporting health data to Sophos, the integration will also include tags for health status, threat status, overall service status, and tamper status.

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