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Zero to Hero: My Journey with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow engineer from a non-traditional background, the past year has been a journey of growth and learning for me.
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Shakara Whitehead
April 20, 2023

Learning a new technology can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to complex platforms like ServiceNow. As a ServiceNow engineer from a non-traditional background, the past year has been a journey of growth and learning for me. I started my current position with little IT experience but a passion for technology and a willingness to learn. Over the past year, I have grown into a confident and competent ServiceNow engineer, thanks to my dedication to learning and the support of my team.

My Journey as a Beginner

When I started my job at Rapdev, I was extremely excited to gain hands-on learning with ServiceNow! However, the majority of my experience with the ServiceNow platform was acquired through the educational program of a boot camp. At first, I found the platform to be challenging and intimidating. There were so many modules, each with its own functionalities, and I had yet to decide what I wanted to focus on and specialize in.

I decided to take things one step at a time to overcome this initial hurdle. I started by learning the basics of ServiceNow, such as its architecture, data model, and terminology. Then, I sat in on meetings with more experienced developers and started experimenting with the platform to understand its capabilities.

While working at RapDev, I took advantage of the company being an Elite ServiceNow Partner and enrolled in as many NowLearning courses as I could find, that were free (Free learning? Sign me up!). As I became more comfortable with the basics, I explored more advanced functionalities, such as workflows, business rules, and scripts. In addition, I spent much time practicing and experimenting, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of the platform.

My Growth: Look at me now!

As I continued to work with ServiceNow, my skills and knowledge of the platform gradually improved. I was assigned to more complex projects, ranging from minor enhancements to large-scale implementations. I could contribute to them successfully, became more confident in my abilities, and began to share my knowledge with my colleagues. Working with different customers has helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the impact that ServiceNow can have on organizations and their processes.

Another critical factor in my growth has been the support of my team. My colleagues have been incredibly supportive of me, helping me navigate the learning curve and providing guidance whenever I needed it. They have always been willing to answer my questions and provide feedback on my work, which has been instrumental in helping me improve.

Okay, I'll wrap it up!

In conclusion, learning ServiceNow is a journey that requires patience, dedication, and a growth mindset. From my experience as a beginner, I've learned that taking things one step at a time, practicing and experimenting, seeking support from colleagues, attending community events, and being willing to take on new challenges are all essential ingredients for growth. With perseverance, anyone can become proficient in ServiceNow and make meaningful contributions to their organization.

Written by
Shakara Whitehead
Servicenow engineer with experience in ITSM, ITAM and now ITOM! Born and raised in New Jersey, Shakara can be found looking for her next adventure around the world, professional food taster and a part-time anime lover.
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