Datadog Zoom Video Monitoring

Ensure call quality and seamless communication with RapDev’s Datadog Zoom Video Monitoring integration for Datadog. Catch issues before your employees do and maximize Zoom uptime with real-time alerts and notifications.


Monitor Your Zoom Rooms, Calls, & Conferences

Are you operating in the dark when it comes to your video communication infrastructure and need an easy way to gain more visibility? RapDev’s Datadog Zoom Video Monitoring integration allows you to track key metrics about your Zoom deployment performance with a preconfigured Datadog dashboard.

Integrate Seamlessly

The integration is straightforward to set up through the Datadog marketplace, so you can quickly begin monitoring your Zoom deployment today. We’ll guide you in implementing the Zoom Monitoring tool from start to finish.

Maximize Availability

Zoom downtime can frustrate employees and decrease productivity. Alerts will help you proactively detect and remediate issues before users even notice. Maximize your Zoom platform availability with in-depth analytics.

Ensure Quality

Communication is integral to business operations, yet IT teams may be unaware of latency or dropped calls. Make employees’ lives easier by monitoring and optimizing call quality in real-time or over long.

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Why Zoom Monitoring?

The Zoom platform is critical for business communication between employees, customers, and clients alike. Zoom monitoring can ensure a positive experience for all stakeholders and improve organize-wide collaboration. Proactive monitoring is the key to maximizing Zoom uptime and enhancing call quality.

Receive Status Alerts

Know immediately when there are critical changes to your Zoom infrastructure with warnings and alerts. This allows you to investigate and resolve potential issues before end-users are impacted, which is especially critical for Zoom Rooms that affect multiple employees.

Monitor Zoom Usage

The Datadog dashboard tracks users, meetings, and meeting participants to better understand how many employees are using Zoom. You can also track the total number of messages, calls, files, images, and emojis sent and received over Zoom. These metrics can help you scale your communication infrastructure appropriately based on real-time data.

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