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RapDev's ServiceNow Platform Co-Pilot offering: a tool born from deep ServiceNow expertise

Introducing ServiceNow Platform Co-Pilot, by RapDev

RapDev's ServiceNow Platform Co-Pilot offering: a tool born from deep ServiceNow expertise
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Kyle Brueckner
December 6, 2023

In the dynamic realm of enterprise service management, efficiency and performance are paramount. ServiceNow, as a central platform, requires not just skilled operation but proactive oversight. Herein lies the role of RapDev's ServiceNow Platform Co-Pilot offering: a tool born from deep ServiceNow expertise, designed to bring advanced monitoring capabilities directly to your business operations.

Platform Co-Pilot offers an automated service to keep your ServiceNow instance at peak efficiency. It covers everything from execution times and server performance to CMDB health, providing a comprehensive view of your system's health. Let's explore how Platform Co-Pilot transforms ServiceNow monitoring, making it an essential element for operational excellence.

The Challenges

Manual Monitoring Costs

In the intricate ecosystem of ServiceNow, a common bottleneck is the manual labor involved in monitoring. Teams often find themselves sifting through logs or reacting to user created incidents, a process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to oversight. This traditional approach to issue identification leads to reactive remediation, prolonging service degradation and downtime. The consequence? An unpleasant user experience that can ripple across various business functions. In a domain where time is of the essence, this reactive stance on problem-solving stands as a significant impediment to operational efficiency.

Developer Errors & Suboptimal Configurations

Beyond manual monitoring, another challenge lies in the realm of development and configuration within the ServiceNow platform. Even the most skilled developers are not immune to mistakes. In an environment as complex as ServiceNow, these errors can have far-reaching consequences. Suboptimal configurations, inadvertently introduced, can lead to performance bottlenecks, impacting the overall system health. These issues, often subtle and deep-rooted, can be challenging to pinpoint and rectify, further emphasizing the need for a robust, automated monitoring solution.

How Platform Co-Pilot can help

Platform Co-Pilot: Your Solution to ServiceNow Challenges

RapDev’s Platform Co-Pilot emerges as a beacon of efficiency in the complex landscape of ServiceNow. It’s an automated monitoring tool, meticulously designed by RapDev, to address the very challenges of ServiceNow optimization, health, and error-prone configurations. Built by professionals who have experienced the slow burn of late night phone calls to remediate severe issues, Platform Co-Pilot provides a comprehensive and automated oversight of your ServiceNow instance.

The Core Capabilities of Platform Co-Pilot

At its core, Platform Co-Pilot transcends traditional monitoring methods that ServiceNow Admins are accustomed to. It automates the process of sifting through logs, swiftly identifying issues, and providing actionable insights. This automation not only reduces the manual effort significantly but also shifts the paradigm from a reactive to a proactive approach in managing ServiceNow. Whether it's tracking MID server performance, evaluating dashboard usage, long running transactions, or detecting suboptimal developer configurations, Platform Co-Pilot does it all, ensuring your ServiceNow instance remains robust, efficient, and user-friendly. In essence, Platform Co-Pilot is not just a tool; it's a strategic ally in enhancing the health and performance of your ServiceNow platform. You get to consume information in real-time anomaly detection alerts as well as emailed weekly/monthly reports.

Beyond Mere Monitoring

In addition to its automated monitoring capabilities, Platform Co-Pilot provides direct access to RapDev’s seasoned experts. We understand that identifying issues is only half the battle; the real challenge lies in effectively resolving them. That's where RapDev steps in with their Monthly Platform Review of your instances. When Platform Co-Pilot detects issues, it doesn’t leave you to navigate the complex waters of ServiceNow optimization alone. Instead, it opens a gateway to our pool of experienced ServiceNow professionals. With Platform Co-Pilot and RapDev’s expertise combined, you get more than a monitoring tool; you get a partnership that drives your ServiceNow platform towards peak efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, you’ll have the luxury of SLOs. RapDev operates on trust and accountability, we enjoy it when customers have clear expectations when it comes to service quality. Here are some SLOs you will have when you sign up:

Lite SLOs:

  • 95% Discovery Runs Time < 1 Day
  • PA and scheduled job runtime below 10 min
  • < 1% Assets/CIs with orphaned relationships

Pro SLOs:

  • 99% Discovery Runs Time < 1 Day
  • 90% discovery schedules complete successfully
  • PA and scheduled job runtime below 10 min
  • SP widget load below 7 secs
  • 99% Transactions execution time < 8 hrs
  • < 1% Assets/CIs with orphaned relationships
  • > 96% Asset/CIs align to Model Categories
  • < 2% Duplicate assets

Take the Next Step with Platform Co-Pilot

The setup process is simple, all it takes is the creation of one service account to get onboarded. This ease of integration means that your path to enhanced ServiceNow monitoring and optimization is just a few steps away. With such a streamlined setup, Platform Co-Pilot can be up and running, transforming your ServiceNow experience, in no time.

Why wait for issues to escalate when you can prevent them? With Platform Co-Pilot, you’re not just addressing problems; you’re preemptively enhancing the ServiceNow user experience and ensuring uninterrupted service availability. Imagine, by this time tomorrow, you could be on the forefront of ServiceNow excellence, backed by the automated prowess of Platform Co-Pilot and the expert guidance of RapDev.

Ready yet?

Take the first step towards proactive ServiceNow management today. Contact us to learn more about Platform Co-Pilot and how it can revolutionize your Enterprise's ServiceNow experience. Your journey towards an optimized, efficient, and user-friendly ServiceNow instance starts with Platform Co-Pilot.

Written by
Kyle Brueckner
A value driven ServiceNow Warrior with experience exceeding a decade. Fortunate to have been part of multiple top 10 customer implementations in terms of size and strategic importance to ServiceNow. Never not Innovating.
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