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Track Email Performance with RapDev’s Datadog Integration

Any downtime or delays in email communication can interrupt business operations, potentially harming your brand reputation and revenue. Proactively monitoring your email infrastructure is critical for ensuring your organization is sending AND receiving messages reliably.

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Synthetic Mail

Monitor round-trip email mailbox performance from around the world

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How our Email Performance Datadog integration works

Our integration applies synthetic performance testing to incoming and outgoing emails – regardless of where your servers are. This integration makes it easy to set up and test synthetic transactions across any platform, in real time, and then monitor the results directly within Datadog.

How It Works

RapDev’s Synthetic Email Agent

Step 1

Set up your Datadog Agent

After downloading the integration from the Datadog Marketplace, you’ll need to set up synthetic tests for each email server by providing your Datadog Agent with the email addresses to monitor via conf.yaml files. Then, set up a rule to automatically respond back to the provided RapDev.io address.

Step 2

RapDev sends synthetic email probes to each address

Once you’ve shared the email addresses, our Datadog email monitor will send synthetic email probes from three locations around the world (US, Germany, and Australia) to those addresses. We'll wait for an auto-reply from your mailbox.

We'll track key metrics:

  • The average round-trip time (RTT) from sent to received for each email
  • How many SMTP relay hops the emails take
  • Any unexpected deviations for every region
  • Pass/fail test results
Step 3

Monitor the metrics through Datadog

The data RapDev collects automatically appears in your Datadog dashboard. You can use this information to ensure there are no outages in your email servers – or set up email performance benchmarks to receive alerts whenever any service anomalies are detected.

With this integration in place, you’ll quickly discover any email issues your customers may be facing. Over time, data collected from the integration can help your team identify performance trends so you’re able to optimize bandwidth and server load.

Email performance monitoring with RapDev’s Microsoft 365 integration

Using Datadog to monitor email performance is so essential we include it with RapDev’s Microsoft 365 integration. This integration creates a single dashboard for end-to-end monitoring across Microsoft’s entire communication suite, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Skype, Teams, Sharepoint, and Onedrive.

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