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Bring IaC Visibility into Datadog with RapDev’s Terraform Integration

Engineering teams using the infrastructure as code (IAC) platform Terraform often struggle with definitions due to bad parameters, resource incompatibilities, and failed deployments. Here’s where RapDev can help.

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Monitor your Terraform account and failed runs

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How our Terraform Datadog integration works

Our integration enables you to monitor your IaC resource across all cloud platforms alongside applications, on-premise hardware, and more. The result is visibility for every tool in your tech stack, presented in a convenient, centralized view within Datadog. Find and remediate security issues faster and keep your system running smoothly.

How It Works

RapDev’s Terraform Integration

Real-time organizations overview

Terraform organizations are a shared space for different teams to collaborate across workspaces. Our dashboard provides a high-level overview of your Terraform organizations, including the number of teams, workspaces, users, and variables. This helps you identify any changes that are suspicious or might impact infrastructure performance in real time.

Detailed workspace runs

Workspaces are different collections of infrastructure resources consisting of configurations, variables, and state data. With our integration’s Workspace Runs dashboard view, you’ll be able to access details around your teams’ activity within Terraform organizations. Track the status of each run as well as how and why it was triggered. This information helps to quickly identify any issues and maintain the overall health of your Terraform infrastructure.

In-depth permissions audits

Our dashboard also includes a section called Permissions Audits to help you maintain the security of your Terraform deployment. Track administrative access to prevent unwanted changes to API tokens, permissions, and other critical Terraform account configurations. The dashboard also helps ensure users aren’t creating new organizations or service accounts without authorization. This not only reduces your organization’s security risks, but also helps you save money.

Easy agent visibility

Terraform Cloud is a fully managed service, but many organizations choose to deploy and manage the platform themselves. To accomplish this, they leverage Terraform agents to monitor this isolated or private infrastructure. Our integration’s dashboard includes an Agents Overview section to help track your agent pools, agent auth tokens, and agent statues without having to access these hard-to-reach environments.

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