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Simplify Datadog Tag Compliance Management with RapDev’s Tag Validator Integration

Implementing a consistent tagging strategy across your entire infrastructure can be daunting. Our automated Tag Validator eliminates the guesswork and helps you maintain compliance with organization-wide tagging guidelines you define.

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Tag Validator

Validate monitor tags and ensure agent compliance in your Datadog environment

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How our Tag Validator Datadog integration works

The Tag Validator uses a centralized mapping of key-value pairs defined in the integration’s conf.yaml configuration file to enforce tagging guidelines. Using Datadog’s host API, the Tag Validator pulls the hosts from your Datadog instance and compares their tags to your defined mapping. This reveals whether the hosts have the Datadog tags you require and if the values of those tags fit your criteria.

How It Works

RapDev’s Tag Validator Integration

Tag key, tag value, and agent compliance dashboard

The out-of-the-box tag key compliance metrics in this dashboard includes the number of hosts missing a tag key defined in your conf.yaml file and the percentage of your overall infrastructure that’s missing tags. This information can help you improve the compliance of your tagging strategy.

The value compliance metrics show you the percentage of hosts that have proper tag keys, but don’t have values you’ve defined as acceptable in your conf.yaml file. This helps you troubleshoot tagging compliance issues across your infrastructure.

The agent compliance metrics show you the percentage of hosts in your Datadog instance that have agents installed. This helps improve Datadog coverage for hosts coming from other integrations like AWS, Azure, or Nutanix.

Synthetic test compliance dashboard

Synthetic tests are a critical component of monitoring for many organizations. Our latest version of the Tag Validator includes synthetic test tagging compliance which works similarly to host tag compliance. The synthetic test compliance tag dashboard shows you whether synthetic tests have the appropriate tag keys and valid tag values. This ensures you have the tags necessary to contextualize synthetic tests as part of your overall infrastructure.

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