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RapDev Launches Platform Co-Pilot for ServiceNow & Datadog

Leading Gold Datadog Partner and Elite ServiceNow Partner
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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RapDev, a ServiceNow Elite and Datadog Gold Partner, today announced a first of its kind offering to help customers maximize ROI from their IT Ops and Observability spend.

Platform Co-Pilot will leverage RapDev's leading engineering expertise and proprietary insights to monitor and manage the health of customers' ServiceNow and Datadog instances.

Enhance platform value with Platform Co-Pilot: automate monitoring, swiftly detect issues, and gain actionable insights.

RapDev has become a partner of choice for Fortune 1000 companies as they rapidly implement and optimize these platforms and improve agility and scalability. This unique perspective has made RapDev a thought leader on how customers can drive excellence in IT operations and gain maximum business value from their spend.

Platform Co-Pilot by RapDev is offered for both ServiceNow and Datadog instances and provides advanced, continuous monitoring to ServiceNow and Datadog platform performance and health hygiene.

CIOs and CTOs have always looked to improve service quality, but in today's context there is increasing scrutiny on spend," said Tameem Hourani, Principal at RapDev. "We are launching Platform Co-Pilot in response to customers asking us for solutions that can ensure they are getting the most from platforms that they may not have the bandwidth or expertise to manage in-house. Our goal with building Platform Co-Pilot is to offer them a quick and easy way to monitor and improve their instances, reducing manual effort and operational risk while significantly improving tangible business ROI."

By offering three tiers of service, Free, Lite, and Pro, Platform Co-Pilot provides an array of key features to keep customers' ServiceNow and Datadog instances running efficiently:

  • Real-time alerting via email and chat, weekly platform summaries, and in-person monthly platform assessments with recommended actions
  • Instant visibility into platform hygiene and issues plaguing customers' platforms, allowing customers to quickly and easily remediate
  • SLOs maintained by RapDev
  • Access to RapDev's market-leading engineering expertise via chat, tickets, and calls
  • Discounted pricing on RapDev's Off Platform Support, ServiceNow Store Apps, and Datadog Marketplace Integrations

With Platform Co-Pilot, users are not just addressing problems but preemptively enhancing their platform's experience and ensuring uninterrupted service availability. Customers can ensure operational excellence of their platforms with Platform Co-Pilot's ability to remove the manual labor of monitoring, swiftly identify issues, and provide actionable insights. As a Platform Co-Pilot user, customers get more than a monitoring tool; they get a partnership that drives their platforms to peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Get in touch to learn more about Platform Co-Pilot for ServiceNow and Datadog and get started.

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