Accelerated Enterprise Implementations

As the leading monitoring and observability platform, Datadog offers seamless integrations across the entire DevOps toolchain. Enterprises looking to quickly and efficiently roll this powerful platform out across their infrastructure need look no further than RapDev. 

You need Datadog’s tech stack visibility, yesterday

The problem

Today’s enterprise infrastructure is rapidly changing and ephemeral. Most organizations find it difficult to get the complete tech stack visibility they need.

Datadog is arguably the most powerful solution to solve this problem. However, implementing it across a large enterprise can be a hefty undertaking.

The solution

As a trusted Gold Datadog partner, our engineering team is experienced in quickly and efficiently rolling out business-critical monitoring, regardless of the tech stack size or complexity.

Our data-driven approach ensures organizations get the most out of their Datadog deployments as quickly as possible. Imagine faster time to value and less implementation-induced frustration for your DevOps teams! RapDev is here to make that a reality.


A data-driven approach to fast-track your Datadog implementation

Step 1

Collect data about your infrastructure

Our first step is to gain a complete overview of your existing infrastructure by collecting data. We’ll use cloud integrations to register inventory and agents deployed to non-cloud environments. During the two-week collection process, we’ll also use our proprietary Scoobie tool to harvest metadata. Once we’ve used our data aggregation methods to uncover your infrastructure, we’ll have the information we need to efficiently plan your Datadog rollout.

Step 2

Data-directed prioritization  

The data our team collects is used to prioritize your Datadog rollout in a way that maximizes ROI and provides immediate visibility when and where your team needs it most. We’ll recommend integrations to deploy and help you choose the right log files to monitor based on their potential impact to your organization’s goals. Using a custom tagging strategy and deployment automation tools, we can also help close any gaps in an existing Datadog rollout.

Step 3

Develop automated deployment scripts

RapDev’s engineering team is experienced with the most popular configuration management tools — including Ansible, AWS Systems Manager, and Puppet — so we can write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scripts for your top five integrations and log files. These scripts will automatically detect and deploy Datadog agents on application servers, databases, and other hardware so that you can begin collecting data from all of your infrastructure components.

Step 4

Build custom dashboards and monitors

After Datadog is deployed, we’ll build custom dashboards and monitoring for your top five integrations and log files. Our team can help configure these monitoring tools with the variables and attributes that best represent the health of your infrastructure, enabling you to see the metrics most critical to your business at a glance.

Step 5

Report implementation progress in real time

Along with ongoing Slack communication, our engineering team uses weekly calls to review our progress deploying your agents, integrations, logs, and more. We can also set up our Datadog Reporter integration to provide infrastructure reports directly to your teams’ email inboxes.

Most importantly, we’ll give your DevOps teams the knowledge they need to take control of your enterprise’s Datadog deployment after implementation.


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